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Facebook and Acne – Can it be a solution?



Facebook has how many users? Over a few million? Over a billion? With so many people in a single networking site, they don’t just sit around talking and making friends. Some of them want to do something productive with this huge association and pretty soon, others join them or follow them or take lead.

How can Facebook treat Acne?

It is just like rehab, except it isn’t looked upon with frowning eyes. There are many groups and activities going on in Facebook that consist of trivial problems such as acne and skincare. The users that have joined such groups post a lot of useful informative techniques and remedies that could lessen the acne on your face or wipe it all away as a whole.

What’s even better is that you can converse with them in the inbox or add them as a friend to get even more help with the ways they’ve posted. And of course, everyone is on Facebook. Even countries that don’t have roads or infrastructure have Facebook. You never know, they could probably have discovered the best home remedy treatment for Acne.

A strange treatment or a cheaper and faster one?

Sometimes, people tell you to do odd things. For instance, a friend of mine joined a community on Facebook related to the Acne on her face. She’s been facing this problem for over two years now and has probably used all the dermal face washes and the best of creams to no avail.

One of the managers of the community told her to take a little of her saliva and put it on each of the spots for at least a week! She was so desperate that she actually did it. And what is weirder is that it actually worked! It does not mean you try it out. It just means that sometimes harmless antics could get the job done and you’d probably find thousands of those on Facebook. A fifty-year-old woman with the skin of a thirty-year-old told her secret. She put the skin of every fruit she ate on her face for just a minute. Strange, isn’t it?

Talk to friends and treat yourself at the same time

We all hate going to the doctors. We all hate waiting in line for other patients to go first before we get our turn to show our acne problem. And then the doctor takes a little time before telling us what face wash or cream to use. Sometimes, it doesn’t work and that just makes us even angrier. Acne is a sensitive topic.

No one likes having spots on their skin, especially those that never seem to go away. Creating a friendly environment for treatment sometimes helps. Studies and research shows that acne problems often are created because of a stressful or tense atmosphere with which the skin of the face faces the most adversity. On Facebook, you can search for treatment options through various groups and communities while chatting with your friends and even asking them what they think about this latest cream you’ve discovered or are dying to try out because of all the rave reviews!

Facebook helps to clear your skin without any money or effort

Everybody checks their Facebook several times a day. Those users who face Acne problems and have subscribed to a person or a group which gives tips and doses on how to get rid of acne are in for treating themselves without even knowing it! Somewhere, they read on Facebook that eating too many fatty foods or junk food increases the chance of having permanent acne on your face. Unknowingly or unconsciously or maybe consciously as well at times, they would probably refrain from having fatty foods in case their acne gets worse. It helps a lot.

Facebook is so far spread out and has the power to make you so addicted, you might as well get some benefit out of the countless hours you sit stalking other people. It is good to join communities and get some health advice on your acne and get a treatment process started. Get something out of it. Get rid of your Acne. And know what? It’s actually possible.