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6 Health Benefits of Bathtubs



6 health benefits of bathtubs

After a long and exhausting day, a hot bathtub would sound like the most appropriate finish. In fact, you can also use it as a home spa therapy against various health problems.

Better blood circulation

A hot bathtub is like a workout for blood vessels and ultimately improves blood circulation. Water changes blood pressure, which in turn has a positive effect on the heart. However, if you have too low or too high blood pressure, it is better to consult your doctor.

Improves brain activity

Hot bathtubs have a beneficial effect on brain activity. When you take a hot bathtub, you relax, therefore calming the nervous system and improving concentration. It is also found to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms.

For better sleep

If you cannot relax and fall asleep, a hot bathtub may be your solution. On the one hand, warm water relaxes the muscles and eliminates tension in the body; on the other – it increases your body temperature, which in turn affects the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for sleep.

Muscle Therapy

You can use hot bathtubs as muscle therapy after a workout or more extreme physical activity. Due to better blood circulation and relaxing effects, warm water acts as an analgesic. It can be used to treat muscle cramps, arthritis, and scoliosis.

Against viruses and flu

If you feel you are getting an infection or the flu, be sure to take the time for a hot bathtub. It helps the immune system to function, relaxes the sinuses, cleanses the airways of bacteria and germs, relaxes the muscles, and warms the body.

It has a positive effect on the lungs

Hot bathtubs also have a positive impact on the respiratory system as it expands the lungs, and thus the body absorbs more oxygen.

Doctors and specialists recommend staying no more than 15-20 minutes in a hot bathtub. Add the aroma of rose, lavender, aloe, calendula, or coconut oil to enhance its potent effect.

Healing baths for good health

Soaking your body in pleasantly warm and fragrant water can be a great end to your day. When adding some oils or other valuable natural ingredients to your freestanding bathtub, it has not only a relaxing effect but also a healing one. Check out a few suggestions for spa treatments that may be helpful.

Bathtub with apple cider vinegar

An apple cider vinegar bath can help with fungal foot infections, itchy skin, and sunburn. Vinegar has been proven to have antiseptic, antifungal, and naturally odorizing agents.

Bathtub for athletes

If you exercise often and after that, you feel tension and muscle aches, dissolve in the water several drops of bay leaf essential oil, lavender oil, a teaspoon of mustard seed powder, ginger oil, and rosemary oil.

Immerse yourself in this relaxing bath for 20-30 minutes. Not only will you ease the pain, but you will also feel energized.

Bathtub with baking soda

This is recommended for fungal foot infections and sunburn. In a bath of lukewarm water, dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Soak for 10-15 minutes and then rinse your body with clean water. For fungi on the feet and nails, do this every day until the infection is eliminated.

Bathtub for dry skin

Not only essential herbal oils have a soothing effect, but they can also help the skin to regain its youth, elasticity, and beauty. Once or twice a week, take a bath to which you add a few drops of jasmine, chamomile, rose, and if you have cellulite and a few drops of orange oil.

Detoxifying bathtub

The best way to detoxify your body is to take a bath with English salts. Not only will it help cleanse your body, but it will also soften the skin and reduce muscle aches.

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