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Can You Use Facebook Or Mobile Apps To Beat Salmonella?



If you’re unlucky enough to contract salmonella food poisoning on holiday, you can expect to be out of action for at least several days and only feel back to normal in around a week. That’s far too great a proportion of your trip for you not to get some quick advice and do what you can to get well again.

Salmonella is quite a common type of food poisoning and is a bacterium that is generally found in eggs, poultry, meat, water, and unprocessed food. The main reasons that people contract salmonella are undercooking or poor hygiene (unwashed hands).

Symptoms include stomach pain, diarrhea, high temperature, and nausea.

It seems simple enough to diagnose when you read this, but when you’re in a new country and you feel dreadful, you want the right information to make you feel better as soon as possible. With a smartphone and a wireless connection or a seat at a laptop, you can get some free and easy to understand advice.


The Food Poisoning Signs group on Facebook could be just what you need to get a diagnosis. The group posts up regular information on food poisoning such as salmonella so that you don’t have to search for a site and wonder if you’ve used the right one. The owner of the page regularly posts up web links and videos to give you instant information on how to deal with food poisoning.

Alternatively, you could check into the NetDoctor page on Facebook. If you hit the ‘Like’ button before you go on holiday, you’ll have access right away if you need it. NetDoctor covers all types of conditions and illnesses but is a better option if you prefer an official medical site.


Apps are part of the growing trend in ‘DIY’ tools and kits. There are several salmonella specific Android apps that you can download, including Salmonella Info and Salmonella News. Both of these examples give news updates on the bacteria and how it is treated.

If you do a lot of traveling and are always worried about catching salmonella or something equally nasty, your favorite product of the future has to be a device that fits on to your smartphone and scans your food for salmonella and e.coli. Simple to use, it should be on the market by 2014. For those who often suffer from ‘holiday tummy,’ it’ll be hard to beat for peace of mind!

As soon as you return home and you suspect you may have caught an illness overseas at a hotel, visit your GP who can take a stool sample and diagnose what is wrong.