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6 Android Apps for Better Sleep



We lay down to sleep every night, but we don’t always get the full amount of rest we need. All sorts of sleep troubles can prevent our nights from giving us the restorative rest we need. Like with so many aspects of our lives, there’s help in your Android phone for many sleep problems. Use these apps to pinpoint your sleep problems and overcome them.

No More Disturbances

Let Me Sleep is a free app that shuts off notification sounds during the hours you specify. Simply set the time you want silence to begin and end, then enter the days of the week. From then on, you’ll never worry about forgetting to silence your phone before bed.

Document Your Sleep Patterns

The most complete app of its kind, Sleep as Droid records your movements and sleep sounds to chart your sleeping cycles and patterns. It’s also a sleep cycle alarm clock, waking you when your body feels ready, rather than an abrupt present time. Some even use it as an aid to lucid dreaming. The app can use a lot of battery life since it monitors your sleep all night. If you use it, keep your phone plugged into a nearby outlet. To avoid entanglement while you sleep, be careful that the cord does not lie near your neck.

Use Relaxing Sounds

Relax and Sleep offers many different types of relaxing sounds to help you sleep. Mix and match sound like rain, a clock ticking, and white noise. You can set the app to slowly fade out the sound after a time so that it doesn’t play all night. The favorites feature makes it easy to find the sounds you like more easily and quickly. The only thing this app is missing is the ability to record and loop sounds you find in the world around you to expand the sound library.

Guided Meditations

One of the most effective relaxation techniques, guided meditation can walk you through relaxing every part of your body, letting you put away the day’s worries and fall soundly to sleep. While the Sleep Hypnosis – Relax! the app has worked wonders for many, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t like the voice or imagery, you could try something like Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation. One of these should help you fall soundly asleep and feel great when you wake up in the morning.


Jotting down the worries from your day can help you get them out of your mind so they won’t interfere with your sleep. Private DIARY Free is a great tool for helping you do that. Overwhelmingly rated at 5 stars, people love this handy tool for keeping notes on everything, not just their personal thoughts and feelings. The password protection ensures no one else reads what you write.

If after using these apps, you still have trouble sleeping, see your regular doctor and ask him to recommend a sleep specialist. Problems like insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring and other problems getting a good night’s sleep can have serious long-term negative consequences for your health if left unchecked.