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Common Gout Symptoms and Causes of the Disease



Certain diseases may not cause any immediate harm to the sufferer. But if they are left ignored for a long time, they can end up creating severe damage. This is probably the reason why the doctors always suggest patients to treat their diseases immediately, no matter what medical condition they are in.

A disease like gout is no exception. It may appear to be a minor problem at the initial stages, but it certainly requires to be attended immediately to prevent further deterioration. Any person who is suffering from gout must take advice from an experienced doctor before it gets too late.

In situations where you are not sure if you are suffering from gout attacks or not, analyzing the symptoms firmly may always prove to be of great help. It is a fact that the symptoms gout vary among the patients. Some of the prevalent symptoms of gout have been mentioned in this article.

Usual Symptoms of Gout

  • The joints will become tender, hot, red, and swollen. This condition is called inflammatory arthritis.
  • Among the joints in the feet, the big toe gets affected in maximum cases.
  • Since the temperature of the body is low at night, the intensity of the pain starts increasing at night.
  • High fever and a sense of fatigue also develop gradually.

If you are facing these symptoms, then it can be said with a lot of certainty that you have been affected by gout. Therefore, in such situations, your primary duty is to go to a doctor and listen to what he or she advises about the way you should go by your gout treatment.

After knowing the symptoms properly, it always gets more comfortable for the patients to get clarified about the specific disease from which they are suffering. But just knowing the signs is certainly not the end of it. The patients must also make themselves aware of the factors which lead to the disease, as well as those which increase the symptoms further. Various factors can result in gout. Given below are some of the most common reasons behind gout.

Common Causes of Gout

  • Genetics– Indeed, eating habit is undoubtedly a significant factor behind gout. Along with that, genetics also play a significant role in enhancing this disease. If anyone among your ancestors was a gout sufferer, then there always are high chances of you suffering from the same condition. Developing healthy habits like regular exercising and following a proper diet can certainly help you to prevent the symptoms of gout from getting worse.
  • Lifestyle– Improper food habit is a common factor these days. It leads to several types of diseases, and gout is a prominent one among them. Any person of any age and gender can be suffering from gout attacks because of an imbalanced diet.
  • Medication– Taking medicines like aspirin and niacin can also result in gout. Gout can also occur due to diuretics. So, if you have been consuming one of these medicines, then it is always advisable that you consult a doctor and know the side effects of these medicines.