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Getting Fit Without Trying



In Swedish, there is the expression ‘var dags motion,’ which translates into English as daily or constitutional exercise. It means little, light exercise often, as opposed to much exercise at once. It is the opposite of going to the gym only a few times a month – this is something you do every day. It doesn’t make you exhausted or sweaty, and you can keep your regular clothes and your favorite caroline temple jewelry on.

It is easy to become demotivated entirely by draining exercise and put off by the idea of ever walking through gym doors ever again. That is why daily exercise, little but often, makes sense and is the perfect way of staying fit.

So What Can You do that Qualifies as Daily Exercise?

Use the Stairs Instead of the Lift

This is a no brainer that will make a big difference throughout a year. At work, at the train station, at the shopping mall – anywhere where there is the option to take the stairs instead of the lift. Walking upstairs makes your legs stronger and your bum fitter. It also adds to the overall fat uptake of the entire body.

Get an Adjustable Standing Desk

It’s becoming increasingly popular in offices and at home to shuck out the regular desk and install a standing desk. They can be very expensive, but you can also get a cheap one from one of the major furniture retailers for around £100 instead of £3000. They are useful because you can stand up when you fancy it and sit down when you’d instead do that, as they are easily adjustable.

Go out for a Walk Every Lunch or Get a Dog

It makes a big difference to get up and move for 20 minutes or so every lunch. Why don’t you go out for a walk before or after lunch? Leave Facebook, Twitter, and your email and go for a walk instead. It won’t only keep you, fitter, it will make you feel more energized in the afternoon, and the hours will seem to pass quicker. Research was carried out on people who were slightly overweight and didn’t like to exercise. They were asked to power walk for 20 minutes during every lunch. People dropped an average of half a stone within two months of going for regular lunch walks. Getting a dog is another great way to get out.

Walk or Cycle to Work or the Train Station

Don’t get the bus for short journeys, and don’t drive down to the convenience store if you’re only going to get milk. Walk or cycle it instead. You will enjoy getting some fresh air at the same time. People are starting to cycle more, and more, and cycle lanes are being improved around the country.

Don’t Eat More than You Need To

Many people have a large appetite, which is healthy in itself – but today, meals have grown with plates being produced bigger than they used to be, and people eat more than their bodies require. You are not supposed to feel tired and overfull after you eat. The feeling of being full comes after 20 minutes, not just when you’ve finished your meal.

Be More Active in Your Spare Time and when Socialising with Friends

Instead of going to the pub every time you meet up with your friends, go out for bowling or anything else where you don’t sit still for hours.

In general, move more and sit less, just like you did when you were a child. Have fun with it.