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Set Up Your Own Spa Regime and Treatments



Whether you don’t have the time to spend the day at the Spa or funds will not allow it, setting up a DIY treatment center in your own home is not only a great way to ensure you keep up with your beauty regime but it is also a fantastic time to kick back and socialize with your friends in a fun and entertaining way.

Setting Up Your Treatment Room

The size of your treatment center is going to heavily depend on the amount of space you have in your home and the number of people you are going to invite to join you.

Whether you use the corner of your bedroom, take over the bathroom or set up a designated room that will give Champneys a run for their money, whatever you decide, your space should be relaxing, have access to electrical points and running water wherever possible and is free from valuable stainable objects that could be ruined by one splash of your new avocado facial.

But above all, this room must be free of interruptions and noise. This is a time of tranquillity and relaxation; breaks are not acceptable!

Sourcing Your Products

Though the cost of spa products can be extortionate when you buy them from your local spa, sourcing your treatments online can give you access to a much higher range of products but can also offer you discounts and special offers that are not available in high street stores.

But if you want to save even further, why not make your products so that you can impress your friends with your creativity and ingenuity.

Pouring two cups of boiling water over one cup of rose petals creates a simple toner with incredible astringent properties. Leave to diffuse until cold, strain out the leaves, and store in the fridge in a sterilized bottle for instant results.

For a therapeutic facial, combine honey, yogurt, and avocado with a little aloe gel and cold cream for a delicious yet effective face mask. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off for fantastic results.

And don’t forget to exfoliate. Mix equal quantities of brown sugar, oatmeal, and olive oil for an aesthetic treatment that will remove hard and dead skin all over your body and leave you feeling beautifully fresh.

Create the Ambience

For many, the most beneficial part of the spa is not the treatments themselves, but the feeling of getting away from it all. The warm, sweet-scented air creates a feeling of relaxation that feels like a step away from real life. But all these sensations can easily be recreated in your own home.

Firstly make sure you are warm. Nothing causes tension in your muscles like the cold, so turn up the heating and get your spa area feeling like it should. If you are in the bathroom, run a hot shower for 15 minutes for a luxurious sauna, or use a humidifier or bowls of hot water on radiators to increase the moisture levels in the atmosphere. Add a little of your favorite essential oil to create your spa sensation in a matter of minutes.

And though it may be a bit of a cliché, candles have a massive part to play in the relaxation process. The natural light and warm glow provides a wonderfully calming atmosphere that will get you in the mood.

Call In the Professionals

While the Spa may be in your own home, it doesn’t mean you have to do all the hard work yourself. There are many agencies that will come to you to provide a range of treatments that are more cost-effective and convenient than going to a spa.

Search the internet or yellow pages, and you will find services from a spray tan, massaging, and waxing all prepared to give you a home visit and enable you to appreciate your new Spa fully.

So the next time you are yearning for a little bit of pampering without the funds or time for a professional visit, create your treatment center at home and give yourself a little taste of luxury. Of course, if you are looking for ultimate luxury, then why not stay at one of London’s best luxury spa hotels.