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Couples Massage and Spa for Ultimate Luxury



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These days, pleasure-seeking people are often hitting the spa with the facility of massage for couples. This is the latest as well as the hottest services offered by some advanced spa centers right now. During the rejuvenating session of the massage, both are massaged on the side by side tables by two different therapists.

The service is available for a husband and a wife, a girlfriend, and a boyfriend, same-sex partners, and for any two who wish to experience the spa sharing the same room. Nowadays, even moms and her daughter, two brothers, two sisters, or best friends are heading for the experience.

Basically, couples massage or spa is done in a couple’s suite. Most of these suites are luxurious and the very ambiance of those is ideal for a mood of relaxation. The suites feature a couple of massage tables with few feet in between them. This is to let the couples enjoy the sight of his or her partner being massaged. Couples can talk to each other through the massage if they want or can be quiet during the session; it’s up to them how they want to savor the pleasure.

As most of these luxurious spas are owned by five-star resorts and hotels, they offer a wide range of amenities for couples. Couples can indulge themselves in luxury as fireplaces, pedicure chairs, steam and outdoor showers, Jacuzzis, dual soaking tubs and lounging beds are there to complete the embellishment where they can relax together after the completion of the spa.

But smaller day spas don’t offer couples massage as they can’t offer so many facilities to make the treatment a complete one.

If someone’s partner is yet to relish the pleasure of a massage, couples massage is a great way to introduce him or her with it. This is to let him or her feel more comfortable the first time. Some men are found to be a bit worried before booking for a massage as the nudity involved in it.

But having their wife or girlfriend on the other table is reassuring. Generally, therapeutic touch is very relaxing and restorative for men. Once men experience couples massage, they love to continue it at regular intervals.

Some of the spas turn the session into a romantic one for love birds which leave the guests satisfied and rejuvenated. Apart from the indoor treatment, the spas offer the service sometimes on the beach, sometimes beneath the stars, and sometimes by the pool at a hotel or resort. For a special touch on the treatment, champagne and strawberries are also served during the massage to drown the guests in unfathomable lavishness!

This type of massage offers a double delight for couples! It is believed that the tandem treatment makes the couples be more intimate and concerned for each other. It teaches each partner how to take care of the other in a more lovable way. Spending some quality time with each other in such a beautiful way has become a new trend for many a couple. After a hectic schedule of daily life, couples find it as bliss for becoming intimate and rejuvenated, keeping worried at bay!