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Waxing on a Budget: Out of the Studio



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When Did You First Learn About Waxing?

After trying to apply mascara, Mel Gibson takes a victory wine gulp out of the bottle, rinses it, swallows, then burp. Next, he puts his leg up on the bathroom counter then applies the hot leg wax. He reads the instructions for waxing legs, which sound painless enough. Gibson applies the paper strip to the wax-covered legs then goes for that moment we all dread at least a little, rips the back piece away. Screaming, he falls back against the wall.

This scene from What Women Want was my first exposure as a teenager to what at-home waxing was- a little silly and extremely painful. It is still nice to see Mel Gibson go through the pain that most people endure as a pre-requisite to going to the beach, but now I realize at-home waxing isn’t all that bad.

Trimming the Waxing Budget

Many of our budgets could use a little tightening, and at-home waxing kits are a way to save a lot of money. Going to a waxing studio to get a bikini wax can cost anywhere from 50 to 90 dollars, not including the tips.

The cost of waxing kits vary, but you can get one as cheap as 12 dollars at Target or Walmart. There are traditional kits that have you heat the wax first before swabbing your leg. The alternatives are kits that have wax pre-applied to the strips. I choose the latter because the kit makes a lot less mess.

While some claim that the more expensive kits are less painful, I do not agree with this at all. If you are going to opt to spend a little more, I would suggest choosing a product with more natural ingredients.

How to Apply the Wax Strips By Yourself?

The actual waxing is the part that bothers a lot of people when trying an at-home waxing kit for the first time. Some worry if they will be able to pull the strip off, or will they be too scared? How will they apply it spots they can’t see? Will they miss spots?

There are two different ways to address most of these worries: a mirror or a friend. With a handheld mirror, you will be able to see any spots or areas that you may miss. Without the mirror, you can pretty much do it by touch.

The other option is a friend, partner, spouse, etc.; anyone with thumbs will work really. If you are going to the beach with a friend, you can return the favor. Some boys/girls might be a little apprehensive about applying wax strips to you; others may love it. When I let my boyfriend do the waxing for me, he found it to be hilarious. Have a glass of wine, if you are old enough, and you can make a date out of it.

As for worrying about the pain, it does suck for the first couple of waxes. It hurts in or out of the studio, but it is a short and quick pain. At least at the safety of your own home, you can feel free to squeal or take a break. If you keep up with waxing semi-regularly, the hairs will have more shallow roots. It will hurt less and less over time. Plus, we know you can’t be as girly about it as Mel Gibson was in What Women Want.