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Home Safety: 3 Anti-Lightning Campaigns



When the electrician is taking care of your home’s wiring system, it is important that you think about protecting the home from lightning. If you forget to secure it from lightning, you will have opened yourself up to danger. Lighting puts you and your possessions in a lot of danger. When lightning strikes, your electrical appliances could be damaged or the home could catch fire. Undertaking an anti-lightning campaign is essential as these dangers would be non-existent.

Tell-tale signs that indicate your house is prone to lightning

There are various indicators that show that your home is exposed to lightning. Keep your eyes peeled and look for these tell-tale signs around your house. For instance, the fact that you stay in an open or isolated area exposes your house to lightning. Your house cannot also survive in case of a lightning attack when it is located at the summit of a hill. This is the same case when you built it on a higher ground than those of your neighbors.

Areas that experience high rates of thunderstorms are prime candidates for lightning attacks. You must also protect your home from lightning in the event that your neighbors’ houses have been previously attacked by lightning. You could be next thus it pays to be ready when lightning decides to strike your house.

Protecting your home from lightning

Your electrician will tell you that you need to ground the electricity from lightning by giving it a path to follow. This will save the electrical wiring system and the electrical appliances in the home. The most satisfying part will be that you and your family will be safe. The following are some strategies that would keep your residential premises safe from lightning:

1. Grounding appliances

Grounding your electrical appliances is a proven measure that will bear dividends. It involves the installation of a lightning arrester in your house’s service wires. The point of installation is where the service wires enter the building. The arrester grounds your appliances by protecting them from power surges that result from lightning. When the surges occur, any electrical equipment would not burn out.

2. Installation of lightning rods and ground systems

Maintaining the safety of your home from lightning would go a notch higher with the installation of a lightning rod. This equipment is pricey but gives you peace of mind in exchange for its price. You can relax in the knowledge that it wards off the devastating effects of lightning. Before purchasing a lightning rod, you should liaise with your electrician concerning the best type of this equipment. Those that are effective are likely to have certification from the Underwriters Laboratory. Also, you must enlist the services of a qualified professional in installing the lightning rod.

3. Grounding television antennae

Your television antennae could be the double-edged sword that causes damage to your home. If it is the highest point of your house, it could provide a direct path for lightning to follow and strike your house. It is therefore necessary that you ground your antennae to protect all the other electrical appliances. Grounding antennae also requires that you must cut any tall trees that could enhance the chances of lightning strikes in your home.