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How To Tell If Your Doggo Needs Joint Supplements



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Anyone who pays any attention to their dog will be able to see these 5 signs that they need some joint supplements. Our dog experts have helped us in our mission to narrow down these signs that may suggest that it is time for you to get joint supplements for dogs.

Here’s what you need to look out for:

  1. They have trouble standing or sitting

If you see your dog putting in a lot of force while standing up or sitting down, know that it’s a call for help. You need to act fast when the problem can be contained, the otherwise excess movement will damage their already weak joints and bring them down completely.

Problems like arthritis and joint pain can actually affect your dog before they hit the age of seven, so you need to be extra careful with your pup. How you can do this is simple- when you call your dog to come in for food or outside to play, notice how they get up and sit down. If they seem to be putting in a lot of extra force, they need the supplements.

  1. They pant a lot

Yes of course dogs pant, but what you should look out for is unnecessary panting. Say they have been sitting down for a long time, but are panting like they’ve done three laps of the backyard. That is unnecessary, and that should raise some red flags. The pain and discomfort from the joint issues may be the source of their excess panting.

  1. Limping or using one leg more than the other

It’s a tell-tale sign of joint pain. Like any normal person would, dogs too limp when one of their legs is hurting. When you notice that, you’ll know that joint pain is the answer. Take a good look at if they are using one leg over the other when trying to change the direction in which they are moving.

  1. Swelling in the joints

The joints swell up when the fluid accumulates in the space between two adjacent joints. This accumulated fluid can be the source of pain, bacterial infection, and bone damage. If you notice swelling in your dog’s joints, you need to act quickly. Get your dog on supplements as soon as possible, and take them to a vet to see if they need any further treatment.

  1. Just a happy dog

You might think that joint pain only troubles elderly dogs, but that’s not true. Any dog of any age can be faced with joint issues. Joint supplements improve the dog’s mobility and help them move around better. They also decrease the risk of arthritis and strengthens their cartilage.

There are also several ingredients in the joint supplements themselves that enhance bone strength and also provide for a healthier heart. It is true that if you get your doggo started on joint supplements when they are a pup, they are less likely to have joint problems later in their life.

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