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Rainy Day Essentials



Raindrops on the roof, wet roads, soaked shoes, and slippery floors – these things all signal that the rainy season has arrived. If during the summer ladies only had to think about purchasing excellent makeup products and accessories, such as the EcoTools Kabuki Brush, now what they need are reliable rainy day essentials to protect them from getting soaked and all wet.


Umbrellas should be a staple in every person’s bag, especially during the rainy season. It is the best option against unexpected rain showers. Choose the kind with a sturdy metal skeleton frame and a thick cover so it won’t easily bend or turn inside-out in gusty, windy conditions.

Umbrellas come in different types, such as the convenient foldable umbrella, the long cane umbrellas, automatic and compact ones. For heavy rains, it is advisable to use the heavy-duty or high wind umbrellas, which can sustain winds up to 55 miles per hour.


It’s the time to take out those thick jackets and sweaters that have been hanging out in the cabinet during the summer. This is now the best time to wear these to serve as protection against the cold wind and chilly temperature.

During rainy days, waterproof jackets are a popular choice, providing excellent rain protection as well as sufficient thermal insulation. Choose jackets with a hood and enough pockets to store personal items like cell phones and wallets.

Water-resistant shoes and boots

Soaked and wet footwear are always a problem when the rainy season arrives. Which is why water-resistant shoes and boots are not only perfect in protecting the feet from getting wet, these are also the best footwear that will keep form and still look good even in the most rainy conditions. For ladies, boots and jelly shoes are common nowadays which are not just water-resistant but stylish at the same time. Men, on the other hand, can purchase boots and office footwear with waterproof leather. They come in different styles as well to match different outfits especially for the office.


The rainy season also means getting more prone to cough and colds. Combat viruses by drinking lots of water and taking plenty of vitamins. Ascorbic acid, in particular, strengthens the immune system against infections. For those who want a better option, choose those vitamin C brands with sodium ascorbate as the generic name. This new form of vitamin C is not only high for those who are acidic, but it is also absorbed 3 to 4 times better by the body.


The cold, dry air during the rainy season can make the skin dry and flaky. Use a moisturizing lotion, preferably those in handy bottles or containers, so that it can fit inside the bag. For dry, chapped lips, there are lip balms enriched with vitamins and moisturizers that help keep the lips from drying and making it soft and subtle at the same time.

Alcohol and Sanitizers

Wet areas and rain-soaked items are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and microorganisms. Stay protected from these germs by regularly disinfecting with alcohol and sanitizers. Some alcohol tends to dry the skin, so choose the type that comes with a moisturizing agent.

Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are intended for sealing sandwiches and other food items, but they are also great for keeping personal such as cell phones, iPods, MP3s, wallets, and tablets high and dry.

Having these rainy essentials handy are sure to make your rainy season experience more enjoyable and less stressful. So be sure to have these items prepped and ready during the wet weather.