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Some Health Benefits of Massage



With so many people around the world aware that massage is beneficial to their health, it’s no wonder that it has blossomed into such a big industry.  Many different types of ‘wellness’ businesses offer massage services, and you can even find mobile massage units that will come to your house if you can’t get to them.

Whether you opt for a more gentle touch or you need deep pressure techniques, the health benefits of massage are unmistakable.

Common Types of Massage

All massage consists of some form of touch, but not all massage is the same.  Some use longer strokes, some use shorter strokes, some have circular movements, and some have linear movements.  Here are a few common types:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage

Stress Relief

No matter what kind of massage you opt for, relieving stress has been and always will be one of the main benefits.  Massage has a way of melting the tension out of your neck, back, and shoulders, which is where a lot of people store it.

Relieving stress also relieves anxiety, which can also relieve symptoms of depression in some cases.  If you feel any of these symptoms, try massage as an alternative to medications.

Pain Relief

Physiotherapists and other healers often use massage to help relieve pain as a form of treatment.  The pain might be from an accident or chronic condition, but massage often helps.  Back pain is a common area where massage is used, and it can even be used to alleviate headaches in some cases.

Again, this is a valuable alternative to pain medications that might have dangerous side effects.  If you are in a lot of pain, it’s also a great time to utilize a mobile massage unit.

Immune System Boost

Many advocates claim that massage is beneficial to the immune system.  Your immune system is vital to help you ward off colds and other viruses, as well as more severe conditions such as cancer.  Naturally, it’ also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, as massage on its own isn’t going to make up for poor diet or exercise habits.

If you are against the use of pharmaceuticals for every little ailment or even the big ones, consider massage the next time you have an issue.  You might find that you can forget about drugs and their side effects, which could be the most significant benefit of all.