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How to Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery



If you are frustrated with your disproportionately dense breasts, which are causing acute neck pain, back pain, or other physical ailments, you can consider breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery provides tremendous psychological relief as most women are satisfied with the after results.

If you have decided to go for breast reduction surgery, consult a cosmetic surgeon of Ireland. The surgeon will not only do a detailed study of the medical history of the patient but also check the family medical history. In case you have any emotional issues regarding your breasts, make sure to discuss it with the surgeon.

In consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, you will be required to change your habits and diet. Smoking or drinking habits need to be permanently stopped. If you are under certain medications or anti-inflammatory drugs, you need to stop taking them, or the surgeon will give you instructions on their intake.

The next step before surgery is the surgeon should examine the breasts. You might have to do mammography of your breasts to check whether there is any form of lump in the breasts. The surgeon may require taking pictures of your breasts and medically evaluating them. It is better to have a conversation with the surgeon regarding your queries like how much breast tissue will be detached from the breasts to create a proper size.

Breast reduction surgery is performed in cosmetic surgery hospitals and clinics. The clinic which you visit for breast reduction in Ireland would advise you about whether you might have to stay for at least one night in the hospital. It is crucial to have someone with you who will drive you home the next day. You might not be in a position to operate.

A breast reduction surgery requires about two to six hours, sometimes longer depending on the condition of the patient. The surgeon makes an incision on the nipple and then down on the breast. The surgeon will remove the accumulated extra skin and fat from the breasts and relocate the nipple. Lastly, the surgeon stitches up your breasts and covers them with medicated gauze. You need to wear a supportive surgical bra for some time.

While an enlargement surgery involves the use of breast implants in Ireland, there is no such necessity for reduction surgery.

Besides having a proper diet, you need to make your home ready for your post-surgical recovery. For this, you need to have the following things at hand:

  • A tray of ice
  • Clean gauze and towels
  • Baggy comfortable shirts and blouses
  • Special medicated creams for the incision areas as advised by the surgeon
  • Telephones near your bed and lastly newspapers, magazines for your restful entertainment

In case of any infection or fever, and if you have unusual discharge like pus from the incision area, you need to contact your surgeon immediately.