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Super-Light Breast Implants: Are They Right For You?



Super-light breast implants: are they right for you?

Lighter breast implants are the newest surgical techniques in breast augmentation, the most popular surgical procedure worldwide accounting for 15.8% of all surgical operations. Going under the knife in exchange for a lighter bustline can make the difference for a woman who wants to increase the size of her breasts without dealing with a heavy weight that is not only cumbersome but also bad for the posture and the body ‘s back.

Dr. Renato Saltz of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) says, ‘Around the world, we are seeing record numbers of patients looking to take advantage of the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery to look and feel better about themselves.”

Breast enhancement woes in the long-term

Patients who undergo breast enhancement are usually happy with the results achieved by the procedure. They feel and look better with the results of the implant. However, in the long term, common side effects include breast tissue atrophy or shrinkage, sagging (ptosis), and the collapse of the inframammary fold which is the crease between the breast and the chest.  The limited elastic capacity of the breasts results in irreversible tissue stretching. Contrary to established beliefs, the weight of implants, rather than its volume plays a significant role in tissue deformation.

A world first: Lightweight breast implants

To address this shortcoming, a revolutionary technique was developed by G&G Biotechnology headquartered in Haifa, Israel. A result of 10 years of extensive research and testing, the patented B-Lite is the first and only breast implant that is 30% lighter than those currently used or proposed in traditional augmentation surgeries. It still maintains the same size, volume, and form of traditional implants.

B-lite breast implants are CE-approved and safe for humans. They use standard silicone shells that are packed with B-lite gels. The weight reduction of 30% is achieved by using microsphere-enhanced medical grade silicone gel that gives the implant a natural look and feel without the heavy weight. These high-tech microspheres are dependable and have been used by NASA to reduce the weight of the ceramic tiles on the floor of the space shuttle and for buoyancy. The implant shells are the same used in traditional silicone implant. Manufactured by a German company, they have been tested and used by many women over the years and are safe to use.

The novel approach of using lightweight breast implants is expected to reduce the burden of standard implants on the skin tissue. In due time, it will preserve the stability of the tissue, reducing possible deformations. Moreover, B-lite implants will hopefully eliminate the need for a repeat surgery enhancing patient safety and satisfaction.