Exercises That Accelerate Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight can be hard and sometimes intimidating, especially if it involves exercising. When losing weight many people think of trying a bariatric diet or getting a procedure done. On top of having a procedure or going on a diet, you will also need to incorporate exercising. Having the motivation to exercise on a daily basis or close to it may seem nearly impossible to most people and discouragement comes easy when you finally hit the gym and don’t see instant results.

This should not be any indication that you’re not making progress, when you first start exercising you may see a slight weight gain. This is because your body is not used to the intensity of constant exercises, but this will change shortly. There are exercises that, if done properly, will help accelerate weight loss.


The best overall choice to help accelerate weight loss is running. It is also very convenient because it does not require any equipment, except running shoes. Running gets your heart rate up quickly because it is a high impact exercise. High impact exercises help you burn a serious amount of calories, which is the key to losing weight.


An excellent cardio workout is biking. This can be done indoors on an exercise bike or outdoors. If you choose indoors, signing up for a spinning class is a great way to become acquainted with cycling and learn the best resistant to use. Depending on how fast you go and how high you set your resistant will affect the amount of calories you burn during this type of workout.  Biking helps increase your endurance while allowing you to burn a great amount of calories at the same time. This can also be incorporated into your everyday life by choosing to ride your bike to work or simply to do every day errands in town.


Not into running or biking? Why not try swimming. Swimming is a full body exercise and has less wear and tear on your body because your joints are fully supported, so you do not have to worry about high-impact injuries. Since you are involving more body parts in your work out, you will burn a lot more calories.


If you are looking for a more choreographed workout try kickboxing.  This type of workout involves your upper and lower body, which enhances your coordination.  There are different types of classes that are offered at gyms this can allow you to learn the proper way to kick and punch. If you would rather do it at home there are a variety of videos that you can purchase.

Whether you have decided to undergo a weight lose procedure or a bariatric diet , exercise will help you stay in shape and keep the weight off.

Michele Filipkowski is an elite writer who specializes in wellbeing and fitness, who has contributed to hundreds of health blogs and sites. Follow her @micheleashley89

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