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Weight Loss

The New Tongue-in-Cheek Weight Loss Procedure



Forget the diet pills and exercise, plastic surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay of the Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Medical Clinic has developed a radical new weight loss surgery that makes eating painful.

The Procedure

The revolutionary procedure involves literally sewing a patch onto the patient’s tongue. The patch, about the size of a postage stamp, is secured onto the tongue with a mere six stitches. The patch is made of marlex, a scratchy, rough substance used in hernia repair, and makes the consumption of solid foods nearly impossible.

The procedure is simple and quick, usually lasting less than an hour. Furthermore, it is rather inexpensive when compared to other weight-loss surgeries. For instance, a gastric bypass can cost up to $35,000. A sleeve gastrectomy (removal of portions of the stomach) can cost up to $22,000. However, installing the tongue patch can be done for roughly $2,000.

The Benefits

Due to the fact the patch essentially renders eating solid foods impossible, patch recipients are practically forced to begin a liquid diet. Patients are able to meet all of their nutritional requirements on the prescribed liquid diets while consuming less than half calories. Users of this miracle patch can lose upwards of 25 pounds in the first month alone.

The patch is also removable. Thus, patients will not be stuck on a liquid diet for the rest of their lives. After a month of use, patients are required to meet with a nutritionist to assess their weight loss progress and future goals. If necessary, patients can leave the patch in for another month or two.

The Drawbacks

The biggest drawback of the procedure is obviously the pain involved. After the operation, the patient must get used to the sewn-on patch. At first, it may be painful to move the tongue around at all and may cause sleeping problems or distractions at work. However, once the patient gets used to the patch, the pain retracts unless the solid feed is put into the mouth. Chewing and moving solids around the mouth is extremely uncomfortable and painful.

If gone unchecked over a month, the patch may also begin to become a part of the tongue. The material is porous, so the tongue will start to grow through and around the patch. This is why it is important to meet with the plastic surgeon and nutritionist after the first month is up.

Any procedure has drawbacks, so be sure to consult an NJ bariatric center for information on weight loss procedures.

As obesity continues to reach epic proportions, the patch may become more common. Dr. Chugay explains, “There are many children, there are many teenagers who are overweight, there are massive quantities of adults that are obese or severely overweight, and so, in my travels, I have seen something that I thought would help my patients to lose weight quickly and efficiently, and that’s called the tongue patch procedure.”