How Healthy is your Lifestyle?

Most of us work to keep our health in tip-top shape, but the majority of us don’t think about every aspect of our life. You lifestyle, not just your health, but everything you do, from the type of job you have to the type of car your drive could affect your overall health.

If you are looking for tips to help improve your entire overall well-being this article is for you. We pull apart each aspect of your life to help you see if it is at its optimal health.

Your Friends

They say that you are a sum of the people you hang out with most. Are your friends happy or sad? Do a quick inventory on your social circle and determine what type of people you generally hang around. If they complain a lot, or talk about people behind their backs then ask if that is the type of person you want to be? For optimal health spend your time with happy people, who are uplifting, joyful and proud. You want a good support system around you, which means that your friends should be happy for your accomplishments.

Your Family

Sometimes our family can bring you down, but you have the opportunity to be the sunshine and light in the negative darkness. If your family is depressing or condescending, you have the power to hold the peace. You do not have to complain, get angry or fight back when they are mad. The health of your family can be uplifted in a moment if you choose happiness. Also look at the overall health of your relatives. Do they have any specific health concerns, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, anger issues, and alcoholism? Ask yourself what your family’s health can show you about your own?

Your Car

Most of us think about our own personal health and our families but the type of car we drive and how we accessories it is just as important. For example if you have a high truck but you do not buy step ups for the vehicle your health could be in danger. You could fall or slip getting in and out of your car.

The type of gas mileage your car gets is also important. Look at all the factors when buying a new car. The history of the car matters because your health is in its hands. Car accidents are more common then we realize. About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States — one death every 13 minutes. When you take care of your health and your car’s health you will be safer.


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