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What to do if You Break Your Braces



Braces are made of sturdy stuff, but occasionally they can break or come loose. If this happens, don’t panic, as there is always something that can be done to fix the brace. Here are some steps to follow if you think your brace might be broken:

Call your braces dentist

If your braces do break or your bands or braces come loose, the first thing you need to do is contact your orthodontist. If you can’t get down to the office or your orthodontist has no appointments available, give them a call and explain the problem. Your orthodontist will be able to tell you how serious the problem is and advise you whether or not you need to go and see them urgently. If you have been involved in an accident or suffered a sports injury and your braces may have been damaged by impact or a blow to the face, seek medical help, as you may need other injuries treating as a priority over fixing your braces.

What you can do at home

If you are unable to see your orthodontist straight away there are some things you can do at home:

Use wax: when you first get braces, your dentist will give you some special wax. If your bracket is broken, use the wax to cover the broken bracket so that it prevents the metal from sticking out and hurting your gums or lips. You can also wax to wrap a broken wire to stop it from scratching your gums and lips. You can also try to prevent the wire from protruding by using the end of a rubber-tipped pencil to guide the wire back into place gently.

If the band supporting the brace comes loose, call your orthodontist and arrange to see them as soon as possible. If the band comes off ultimately, do not try to replace it, as this may cause further damage.

If you have a broken wire and it has cut your mouth, gently bathe the sore in warm salt water to prevent infection and arrange to see your orthodontist as soon as possible.

What can be done for broken braces?

Your orthodontist will decide the best course of action based on the problem. Many problems can be fixed very quickly by repositioning the brackets or wires. In some cases, brackets or wires may need to be replaced, and this may take time, but your orthodontist will make sure there are no protruding wires or problems that could cause you pain or discomfort.