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Worst Foods for Men: 6 Unhealthy Choices



Losing weight is not only about exercise routines and calorie cutback. You also have to make sure that you exert some effort to eliminate all the junk food that you have previously been feeding on. While it can be tough for some men to get rid of such food items from their diet, perhaps it would greatly help if they start by getting rid of those that are deemed as the unhealthiest ones. Below are the tops food items that are the worse for men.

Potato Chips

A mere ounce of this deep-fried food item can already hold 150 calories along with 10 grams of fat. To make things worse, the kind of fat that it contains is the unhealthy trans fat. Potato chips also carry a huge amount of salt that can dehydrate the skin. If you would still want to enjoy crunchy treats, opt for baked chips instead. They contain fewer calories and fat when compared to their counterparts. In the long run, you will have to forgo eating this treat and replace it with a much healthier snack.

Whipped Cream Topping

Adding whipped cream on your coffee equates to a hefty amount of additional calories to your drink. Opt for a sugar that is low in syrup to top your coffee with. Better yet, skip it altogether. Most of the desserts today are already sweet as they are anyway, and adding that extra calories and sugar can do you more harm than good.


Doughnuts are sweet dough that is fried in deep fat. Their fat content is so high that a single doughnut can already contain more than a third of your daily requirement. If you must take in something sweet, whip up a whey protein shake instead added with your favorite fruits, which is so much healthier.

Fried Chicken

Almost everyone loves good old fried chicken. The problem is that a single serving has over 400 calories, making it an unwise food choice for someone who is dieting. The good news is that there are so many alternatives that do not carry as much calories as fried chicken. Examples of which include grilled or roasted chicken. Both of them have the same amount of protein as friend chicken for muscle growth but with lesser fat.

French Fries

A single order of French fries has at least 600 calories. Fast food joints are already going through processes to eliminate or at least lessen trans fat, but it still carries a high amount of sodium and saturated fat. For a quick fix, opt for a small portion or serving or skip it altogether.

White Bread

White bread is merely simple carbohydrates and empty calories. Unlike complex carbohydrates found in whole wheat food items, simple carbohydrates only provide short-term energy and nothing else. For sustained energy and satiety, opt for complex carbohydrates instead. Such food items will not make you constantly feel hungry throughout the day, so you only take in a few food items and calories at a time.