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5 Tips For Eating Healthier In College



Health is wealth, as the famous saying goes. If you value your health, then you should watch what you eat every day. College students like you need to stay healthy and fit so that you can hurdle the daily rigors of school work and social life.

Here are five tips for eating healthier in college:

1. Eat fresh fruits. Fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good for you. For instance, a daily dose of vitamin c from oranges, lemons, pineapple, and other citrus fruits will help keep you strong and less sickly. Pineapples and grapes, among others, are also antioxidants. Meaning, they can help your body fight free radicals that can cause cancer and other ailments. Antioxidants in fruits will also help keep you young as they reduce the aging of cells as well as repair damaged cells. You can eat fresh fruits or fresh fruit juices as an alternative.

2. Eat lots of vegetables. Vegetables are also rich in nutrients, especially green leafy ones. Lettuce and broccoli for instance will help keep your immune system strong. Pumpkin is also rich in vitamin A and this can help you maintain good eyesight. With lots of reading to do, some students would need eyeglasses but if your try to keep your eyes properly nourished, chances of getting them damaged are reduced.

3. Eat organic food. Another way to stay healthy in college is to eat organically-produced food such as rice, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Take note that organic food is healthier because it does not contain harmful chemicals such as pesticides. Try organic rice and corn as a healthy source of carbohydrates. Organic food is increasing in popularity these days as more and more people become health-conscious and aware of the ill effects of processed food products.

4. Refrain from junk food. Most students would love to snack on junk food- soda, crackers, chips, sweets, and more. Junk food is bad for you so try to refrain from consuming them. They’re also full of preservatives, fat, and sugar.

5. Refrain from fast food. Try to refrain from eating in fast food chains because fast food is not healthy for you. As an alternative, try home-cooked meals in your dormitory or school cafeteria. Or better yet, prepare your own food.

These are just five tips for eating healthier in college. So grab a bite of some fresh, healthy food and you will soon see its benefits.