Five Ways to Transcend the Mind in Meditation

Relaxing the mind and finding relief from stress is a vital important to happiness and a healthy body, especially with the constant pressures of work and the increasing developments in technology everyday. If you are seeking ways to transcend the mind and find inner peace, meditation is one of the easiest gateways to do so, regardless of the level of experience you have with meditating each day. With just a few minutes each day and a few techniques for opening the mind, you can feel relaxed and a bit less worried about the “small things” in life.

Meditating Once a Day

Meditating at least once a day for about 10 minutes or so can greatly help to relieve stress and allow you to feel more calm and relaxed overall. Spend time in a quiet area in your home relaxing and taking deep breaths with your eyes closed for ten minutes (in a relaxed, seated position). There are no rules to meditation and over time, it will become easier to become calm and to find yourself in a state of relaxation instead of always allowing your mind to “go” and wander.

Assess Your Own Behavior

Assessing your own behavior and actions towards others and situations in your life will give you the opportunity to make positive changes. Loving yourself fully is the first step to helping you love and accept all others, transcending the mind. Before meditation, think of positive aspects in your life and how you want to make more positive changes in your life as well to help with increasing your focus and happiness about the matter (rather than creating a form of anxiety or nervousness to overcome it).

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is a method of documenting your true feelings and emotions that are otherwise difficult to remember, especially if you are dealing with trials and tribulations in life that are challenging and stressful. Using a journal is a form of therapy and can be done before or after meditation to record your results and the feelings you feel before you begin to relax. Having a journal is also a way to reflect on and embrace the life changes you may have endured, allowing you to stay open minded to the life you have without feeling discouraged.

Learning to Trust Your Instincts and Intuition

Learning to trust your intuition is a key factor in transcending the mind with meditation or even with a tarot reading or a visit with a psychic. Letting go of your past fears and even irrational fears of the present can allow you to be more open to changes and to the world around you as it is, not as you perceive it to be (which is helpful in ridding negative feelings and emotions).

Remove Your Ego

The human ego can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, especially when dealing with human emotions such as jealousy, envy, apathy, and even anger. Removing the ego from any type of situation that invokes negative energy and emotions can help to see any type of issue in a more objective manner, keeping emotions from becoming intertwined.

The ego is not always negative, and can help with boosting your confidence and self-esteem if properly cared for and handled. Always focus on the positive when allowing your ego to come into play. During meditation practices, you can remove yourself completed from your ego by riding all of your thoughts, cares, and worries of normal, “everyday” life.

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