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4 Tips on Healthy Eating



Healthy is not delicious; have you heard people saying this? I have, and I know a lot of people today who still believe that healthy food, in particular vegetables, do not taste as well as burgers, fries, pizza, pasta, cookies and cakes, and ice cream. It’s a good thing I was raised in a home where vegetable was always part of every meal, and meat was consumed sparingly.  Fish was preferred over pork and chicken, and desserts or sweets at home were almost always synonymous with fresh fruits.

Eating healthy can be a big challenge for most people, but its something that can be done. Here are four tips on healthy eating that can surely ease anybody into becoming more health-conscious food-wise:

Tip# 1 Start Early and Start At Home

 One thing that I know is true when it is taught at home the earliest possible time; it sticks to you until you grow old. This is true to values shown at home as well as eating preferences and habits.  If you are a parent, eat healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. When your children see you eating vegetables and fruits, and when they see you enjoying every bite, at first they will be curious, and then will try them, and ultimately time will come you will have to buy more than what you usually do because they will demand more.  Every meal is just not complete without vegetables or fruits.

Tip# 2 Choose Natural Foods

At home or anywhere you find yourself or any member of your family, make a conscious effort to consume only food products that are fresh and not processed. For example, when dining out in a restaurant, choose and order fresh fruits that are in season over ice cream or sweet pastries. Of course, this is not absolute like occasionally, it is also okay to eat the not-so-healthy stuff, but it should be an exception, not the rule. This is easier done at home because your home and kitchen is your turf – you get to decide what goes into the refrigerator, your pantry, and into your pan. Choose bread made of whole grain; choose white meat over red meat; choose broiled over fried; choose greens, plenty of greens.

Tip# 3 Portion Your Food

Healthy eating is not only about what kind of food is eaten; it also has a lot to do with the volume or quantity of food consumed. Food portioning is vital in healthy eating, especially to people who are trying to lose weight, to people who are trying to maintain a healthy weight. For people with medical conditions such as diabetes, portioning food, and counting calories are a must for them to keep their blood sugar levels and to avoid worsening their conditions.

The best way to portion your food is when you empty your grocery bags the moment you get home from your shopping.  You should have individual containers for your food, each one just enough to hold one portion or one serving size.  Perishable foods should be stored in the right place in the refrigerator. Cookies and other types of food can also be portioned and placed in individual zip lock bags and placed in their proper designated storage areas.

Tip# 4 Drink Plenty of Water

 Water is invaluable, and one should drink not less than eight glasses of water every single day. Today, a lot of people are suggesting that drinking two glasses of water in the morning as one wakes up helps keep the vital organs functioning effectively. A glass of water before taking a bath helps keep the blood pressure at the average level. Well, these are just recommendations from people who seem to have a testimony that it works. More than that, however, medical and health experts have long emphasized the good that water brings into the body, so drink up!