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Growing Old: Debunking 4 of The Biggest Myths



Growing old: debunking 4 of the biggest myths

Like it or not, we are all going to get old.

Something that you don’t necessarily have to like are all of the stereotypes that are associated with the aging process. Sure, the grey hairs might be true to an extent, but a lot of what you read is pure and utter fabrication.

This is the reason for today’s blog post; to act as reassurance in some regards. We are now going to take a look at four of the biggest myths that surround aging and debunk them once and for all. Hopefully, your perception of aging will change significantly in the next few minutes.

Myth #1 – You’ll live until 70.5

Excuse the decimal figure, but this is actually the worldwide life expectancy at the time of writing.

The problem is, nobody knows exactly what age you are going to live to. Some people will be proactive and arrange their funeral decades in advance, while others will wait a little longer. Regardless of the group you fall into, there really is no way of knowing and rather than plan to the elusive 70.5 figure, it’s best to dispel such thoughts from your head and simply enjoy life as it is.

Myth #2 – Physical deterioration will occur, no questions asked

Unfortunately, your body will start to weaken somewhat, but suggesting that you are about to be transformed into someone who can barely function is grossly unfair.

Doctors are now recommending that that the elderly participate in as much physical activity as possible during their advancing years, as this is something that can prevent physical deterioration somewhat. If you can participate in physical activity, and stimulate your mind, your body will feel much more active than someone who opts to just sit in the television all day.

Myth #3 – Older people don’t need close relationships

The thought of you growing old and suddenly not needing or wanting those close relationships that you may have craved during your younger days should be expelled right away.

There is a good reason behind this myth, but it’s still something that isn’t true in the slightest. As we age, a fact of life is that our circles of friends tend to drop. As such, some people immediately think that older people don’t socialize as much. In reality, this is a classic example of correlation and not causation.

Myth #4 – Older people aren’t interested in sex

This final point links perfectly on from the last one we looked at. Another huge misconception is that older people are no longer interested in sex.

Scientific studies have revealed that the typical person will remain sexually active (at least on a frequent basis) until they reach 70-years-old. Beyond this figure, and the answer will change depending on individuals. However, various studies have shown that while sex might be less important in the elderly, they have also shown that older people do not agree with the fact that sex is just for young people.