Ideas For 10 Quick Home Workouts

Who said you had to workout for hours on end in order to burn fat and tone muscle? A little can add up to a whole lot when it comes to moving your body. With the most important ingredient to actually get moving in the first place!

So here are 10 ideas for some quick home workouts

1. Got a set of stairs?

Run up and down those stairs for 10 minutes. Do this once or twice a day.

2. Got a clothes line that will hold your weight?

Try doing some chin ups from the clothesline. If you haven’t got the strength then use a garden chair to stand on to help support your weight.

3. Got a yard?

Most of us do so get out there and do some sprint/walk intervals. One up the yard one length, then walk back. Or if you’re fitter run 2 or 3 lengths and then walk.

4. Got one step?

Use it to do a step lunge or some step-ups. Put one foot on the step and lunge up and down for 20, and then do some knee lifts from the step, raising one knee into the air as high as you can while balancing on the other leg.

5. Got a garden chair?

Use it to do dips with your triceps and tone those flabby bat wings!

6. Back to the step again

This time jump up onto the step, then squat at the top, then step down. Repeat until you feel your butt burn.

7. Got a floor?

I’m sure you do so do some crunches for your abs, include the good old bicycle exercise, roll over and rest on your elbows, keeping your body straight in a plank position. Great for the abs. Then roll back onto your back and do leg lifts up and down for your lower abs.

8. Got 10 spare minutes in the morning?

Before you take your morning shower do a quick 10-cardio routine. Run up and down doing high knee lifts for one minute. Then do squats for one minute. Next do star jumps for one minute. Then repeat a few times and you’re done.

9.  Got 10 spare minutes in the afternoon?

Skipping is one of the very best exercises you can do for cardio. So get out your skipping rope and jump rope for 10 minutes

10. Got a DVD player?

There are tons of exercise DVDs you can use if you really want to follow a more structured workout routine.

But if you simply start doing some of these quick home workouts during the week, you will be surprised at how effective they can be.  Everyone has 10 minutes to spare. And if you can find 20 minutes, that’s even better! Include 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.

Set yourself a challenge to do at least 10 minutes every single day. Our bodies were made to move but it doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a lot of time to get the great benefits. Consistency is far more important!

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