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Running Can Be the Key to a Fitter, Slimmer You



By far the most effective way to lose weight and get into great shape, running is one of the more popular fitness sports for a reason. Cheap, accessible, and open to all abilities, all you need to start is a pair of trainers and some willingness.

Running is one of the most natural forms of exercise there is. Our bodies thrive on running like no other kind of cardiovascular activity, with it stripping flab, improving heart and lung function, and helping with mental conditions like depression and anxiety. Starting out as a runner does not need to be intimidating either, as you start at a pace which suits you.

Freedom Awaits

The first thing to do when deciding to start running is to get a decent pair of running shoes. Most makes now produce affordable beginners’ shoes, which can provide all the support and cushioning that you need. The best thing to do is to go to a running shop to buy shoes. Not only will you get expert advice based on your running style and foot shape, but you should also be able to try out the shoes on a treadmill. This keeps early discomfort to a minimum and makes it much less likely that you will need the kind of expensive sports massage London offers to keep your feet feeling healthy.

Once you have a decent pair of shoes sorted out, then you can start to think about some routes. Never start too ambitiously. The key to running, like other endurance sports, is to work in small, achievable targets. Choose pleasant routes and short distances with few inclines to start with. You can soon add distance to routes in small increments as you feel fitter. In your early days of running, you may experience some soreness in your muscles. Do not dive straight into having sports massage London venues offer but rest for a day in between runs.

Healing and Health

This means that your muscles can heal and you will get fitter as a result. Running every day, especially on hard surfaces, can lead to injuries, especially for newcomers, so take things steady at first. Soon, you should be covering three miles fairly easily and may then want to make things more challenging, with a few more hills included in your regular runs. Do not take things too quickly though. Always be confident in yourself before adding distance and add it in small increments.

Soon though, you will feel a real sense of freedom in your running. Your pace and flexibility will increase and you will soon be exploring new places and new routes via running. And remember, however slowly or awkwardly you might think that you are going while out on the road, you are still looking faster and sleeker than those who are sitting at home on the sofa. Running is all about meeting your own expectations, not other people’s.