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Getting Fit: Where to Begin?



When it comes to getting fitter and healthier, many people labor under the misapprehension that you must throw yourself straight into the most strenuous activities for it to affect. They believe that more athletically gifted people can stroll through demanding physical tests, feeling little of the pain and exhaustion that ordinary people think every time they have to run for a bus.

The good news is that this isn’t true. Even Bradley Wiggins, one of Britain’s top cyclists, finds his event painful and difficult. The fact that he can do it very fast is all to do with his training, as much as his natural ability. The pain he goes through is as harsh and real as the discomfort a complete newcomer to sport encounters when first trying a new activity.

Normal Human Beings

Once people have realized that fact, that we are all human beings who have to work hard to get fit, the process becomes much more comfortable. Human beings are all different; however, despite our many physical similarities, so we need different types of activities to make us work hard and get fit. All of us start from different places too, and if you are not familiar with activity or sport, finding out how to get started can be a little bewildering.

But you do not need to immediately think about doing marathons or triathlons to get yourself, fitter. Simply building some activities into your daily routine, which are a little more strenuous than usual, is an excellent place to start. Rather than driving to the shops, walk instead. Both the journey there and back, along with carrying your purchases home, will help drive up cardiovascular fitness and functional strength.

It is also possible to do many friendly activities in your home, with minimal equipment. There are a range of exercises, such as press-ups and sit-ups, which can be completed in your front room. A short routine of several sets of these exercises completed three times a week will soon make a noticeable difference to your all-round fitness.

Family Fun

If you have children, they are also a great fitness resource. Rather than allowing your kids to spend all of Sunday in front of the television or the games console, take them out to the park. Children need to play physically to grow appropriately, while their parents often need additional exercise. Take a ball of some kind, and enjoy the aerobic benefits of a good kick about. A long walk or bicycle trip each week will also help bring the family closer together, as well as helping with fitness goals.

What these simple activities will do is get your blood pumping again, and your body used to exercise. You will find that you soon want to get even fitter and that you will want to take things up to the next level. Joining a gym is then an excellent next step for several excellent reasons.

Firstly, the membership fees will encourage you to attend regularly; when you are paying for something, it is wise to use it. Secondly, a wealth of advice is available from the people who work at the gym. They can assess your needs and develop programs that allow you to focus on the specific areas you need support with.

Getting fit is much simpler than it is often made out to be. Most physical activity is just a case of having some fun. A few simple tweaks to your lifestyle will soon have you slimmer and wanting more.