Weight Loss Surgery – Shedding Obesity Made Simpler

Obesity is a severe issue which acts as a root cause of major life threatening diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and many more. According to one of the popular sites on obesity, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults in the world.  Thus, to cater to this severe problem medical science has come up with various treatments. Do you wish to know about these effective techniques? Here is a detailed description for you.

What does excess weight mean?

The supply of energy is required for the normal physical functioning of the body, which is obtained through the supply of food and is essential for the survival of any species. In general terms, obesity is said to be ‘the excessive presence of fat’, nearly 20% more than the normal requirement. Body mass index serves as the preliminary test to determine the normal weight of the person. It is normally calculated as the ratio of weight in kilograms to the square of height in meters.

If the result of the index so obtained is more than 30 then the person is considered obese. A more specific understanding of obesity can be that ‘it is an imbalance of energy supply where the calorie intake is more than the energy output. This energy balance generally depends on the food intake, energy stored as fat, and that spent on physical activity, metabolism and production of heat to regulate the body temperature. Obesity may also be a genetic propensity.

Findings of a case study

A recent study that was conducted on patients detected with diabetes revealed that the patients on regular use of insulin are less likely to be prone to obesity as insulin intake results in the release of leptin that is a part of the fat mass. This action does not take place, efficiently in non- insulin dependent patients with diabetes. Hence, they have more probability to become obese.

Reasons for obesity

There are many reasons for obesity which are related to social, cultural and psychological aspects. Obesity can be due to increased consumption of oil, bad food habits, and increased intake of sugar and food which contains excess fats. It may also be due to the increased food take than normally required to maintain the calorie value for the smooth metabolism of the body.

Side-effects of being obese

Obesity creates many problems for the normal functioning of the body which results in blood pressure, heart diseases and problems to the functioning of lung and kidney. The process of expiration also becomes very difficult. The overweight of the body can lead to arthritic problems since the knee joints may not be in a position to withstand the body weight.

Thus, it becomes really necessary to prevent such a disorder in the initial stages itself or look for an immediate remedy to bring the situation to control and restore normalcy.

Bariatric Surgery

A technique that has evolved and grown in the yesteryear is weight loss surgery commonly known as bariatric surgery. It is a method which involves the removal of excessive fat from the body. The parts of the body, which are generally subjected to the accumulation of fat are stomach and the area surrounding the hips. The excess fat in the body is removed by following cutting and thinning down fat deposits to reduce their concentration in the body. The weight loss surgery is a boon to all those who are suffering from the ill effects of being obese. Though the cost of the surgery may be comparatively high, this is the best option available if there is no relief to the patients taking oral and other medication.


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