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To Squeeze Or Not To Squeeze, That Is The Question



Have you ever wondered if you are better off getting rid of that embarrassing pimple or instead of letting nature take its course?

Many panic-stricken teenagers across the world are right at this moment, fretting whether it is worth the risk of bursting that spot in the hope it goes away or instead hoping it will disappear in time for their big night out. Either way, in their minds, this is an all-consuming thing, and the world may end if they can’t find a remedy – and fast. It is at this moment that the thought hits them; if they had bought that cream or booked in for that treatment, they would not be in this mess. Hindsight is a great thing.

Luckily, for those who are proactive enough, they can seek help from a registered and qualified beautician at a clinic who can advise about the treatments which will work for their particular condition. Procedures may vary from laser rejuvenation to deep skin FX. And it’s the severity of the disease, which ultimately dictates the treatment that would suit the patient best. A series of treatments will usually be required, and possibly some complementary procedures also.

To ensure that the condition is dealt with as effectively as possible, there should be a comprehensive consultation carried out with the patient. Hence, they are happy to proceed with any treatment. There are also over the counter (OTC) treatments available, as they are known, but these are usually best for treating less severe conditions.

Diet can play a massive part in both the treatment and continuing aftercare of any skincare treatment. Oily foods and certain types of foods can play havoc with certain skin types. Dairy and processed foods have been identified in these groups and can also affect certain skin types. There are some herbal remedies on the market that are known to have some success, but you should liaise with your doctor and consultant before beginning the course.

Affecting teenagers and young adults alike, acne can be a temporary condition that may pass over some time. However, for more severe cases, the only way to treat the disease is through seeking medical advice, either via your doctor or through a consultancy, as discussed above. In summary, whatever grade your condition is, you should follow the expert advice given and ensure that you follow the course of action through to the end to give yourself the best chance of reducing, if not eliminating, the condition permanently.