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How To Stop Freezing Up Under Pressure



You know when you are getting ready to speak, and you are opening your mouth, then your mind goes completely blank? Then you are sitting at home days later, and the perfect answer comes to you? Learning how to think on your feet is an important life skill. You can master how to perform under pressure. Whether it is your home life, business school, or career being able to smooth talk others is an excellent trait to master. Here are tips to help you think fast on your feet.

Straighten Up

Yes, we are talking about your posture. The straighter you are, the more confidence you will portray. Reach out to your audience with body language. The body will demonstrate clues to others if you are uncomfortable, worried, or anxious, but when you stand up straight, you can open a clear channel to your brain faster. Your heart is in alignment with the rest of your body, which makes for open brain connection and smooth-talking.

Find a Sweet Spot

When someone asks you a tough question, and you don’t know how to answer, focus on a sweet spot, an anchor in the room that can help calm your nerves. If there is a photo or picture of rolling hills, nature, or a landscape, you can look to that image for comfort.

Lighten Up

If you mind spaces out or you say something silly, laugh it off. Everyone is there to help you, so when you speak something that comes out wrong, it is always okay. Being able to laugh at yourself is a good thing. The same way it pays to have a good smile. Smiling when you make jokes, or mistakes is a nice way to say, “I don’t take myself too seriously.” Sometimes when we laugh, we let others know that it is okay to laugh too. Lighten up, and you will see your nervous disappear.

Smiling when someone asks you a tough question is also an excellent way to show how confident you are. Even if you don’t know the answers, your smile will help others feel more comfortable. Sometimes people are afraid to smile because they worry their teeth are croaked or their breath smells bad. If you are insecure about your mouth, you can visit your dentist. Your dentist is there to help you not only have clean teeth but feel good in your body and smile bright with confidence.