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Relieve Lower Back Pain With These Four Lower Back Excercises



All you need to know about symptoms, causes and treatment of back pain

Four out of five adults report lower back pain. It is largely caused by stress, poor lifting techniques, improper twisting maneuvers, and chronic bad posture. And the festive season can be especially troublesome for your back – check out these simple tips from a chiropractor to keep it healthy during Christmas. Simple exercises can relieve muscle tension and restore vital flexibility. Most can be done in your home and don’t require extra equipment.

To get the most benefit from your exercise program, be sure to wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement and shoes that will provide solid footing. The area that you exercise in should be free of obstructions and you should have a pad to cushion yourself for floor work. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before you begin to exercise so that you can make modifications as needed.

Here are four of the best lower back exercises for reducing lower back pain. Consider doing a few repetitions of each to start. You will see an immediate positive change after your first session if you don’t push yourself past capacity.

Knee Rolls: Restores Motion To The Spine With Gentle Stretches

Lie on the floor on your cushion with your shoulders against the ground. Place a small, rolled-up towel underneath your neck to provide support. Draw your knees towards your body until your feet are flat on the floor and roll your knees to one side of your body and remain in this position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and roll over onto the other side.

Back Extension: Reverses The Effects Of Hunched Posture

Prop yourself up on your elbows while lying on your stomach. Your neck should be long and your shoulders held back. Gently push upwards with your hands and allow your back to become extended. Hold this position for five to ten seconds and make sure not to overextend when you begin this series.

Deep Abdominal Strengthening: Strengthen Spinal Support Muscles

Lie on your back in the same position you used for the knee roll exercises. Tuck your chin in and tighten the abdominal and stomach muscles while you take even breaths. Do not tighten any other muscles during this exercise and remember to continue to breathe. Knees should be bent and the feet should be positioned to align with your hips.

Pelvic Tilts: Stretch And Strengthen The Lower Back

These use the same position as the deep abdominal strengthening exercise and work best when they are done in combination. While lying on your back, imagine yourself trying to press your belly button downwards into the floor. Your lower back will move into the floor and during each repetition, you will experience a rocking motion. Repeat the same number of times that you did the abdominal strengthening exercise.

Many people choose to walk for a short time before they do their lower back stretching exercises. Let your arms swing while you walk at a comfortable rate. This will loosen up your muscles prior to exercise and help you to avoid injuries. Walking also lifts the mood and helps you to create a positive mind frame before you begin.

Gentle movements are key to reducing the stiffness, tension, and soreness associated with lower back pain. They are engineered to relax your muscles while strengthening them. You should begin to experience greater flexibility as the muscles surrounding your spine become more toned and capable of maintaining proper alignment.

When you begin your lower back exercises, pay attention to the signals that your body is sending you. As soon as you experience pain, you need to stop and pull back to a comfortable position. As you gently extend your position, stop to consider if you are performing the activity correctly. If not, pull back to a point where you are in the correct position.