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Cure Your Lower Back Pain With The Right Mattress



All you need to know about symptoms, causes and treatment of back pain

Pain in the lower section of the back upon waking up is common for many people. Some think that it is simply because they did not get enough sleep or that they are still worn out from a tough day at work. The only reason why they experience such pain is because of the poor quality mattress they sleep on night after night. Sleep is meant to relax our mind and body. If you are not getting the relaxation your body needs, then you are not sleeping right. And if you are not sleeping right, then perhaps you are not using the right sleeping surface in the first place.

How To Avoid Lower Back Pain Caused By A Poor Mattress?

The only way to avoid lower back pain caused by a poor quality mattress is to replace it. These tips can help you find a suitable mattress that can prevent lower back pain.

Is It Time?

Sometimes you neglect to identify if it is the right time to invest in a new mattress. If your mattress is already sagging in the middle or if it no longer offers the comfort you need, then it is the right time to buy a new one. Don’t think that a piece of wood can help solve the problem, because it will not be any different.


You can do some research about the different types of mattresses being offered today. There are so many types of mattresses made from different materials and with different constructions. Each kind will offer a certain degree of comfort and support to suit the different needs of people. When you are aware of the different mattresses and what they have to offer, you narrow down your selection.

Your Preference

No matter what the salesperson or the brand may claim, it is still your personal preference that will determine what is best for you. We are all different and so each one of us will have our own needs, especially when you are experiencing lower back pain. The right mattress for you will be the mattress that can help you sleep soundly without any pain or stiffness. Choose the mattress that meets your standards of comfort and support and not anyone else’s standards.

The Right Balance

Comfort is not the only feature you must look out for in mattresses. Back support is as important too. When you sleep on a mattress that is too firm, you can experience soreness and pain on your pressure points. This is the same for softer mattresses that offer comfort over support. In such cases, you may want to consider mattresses that offer a balance between support and comfort instead.

Back Support Features

When you shop around for a mattress to cure your lower back pain, look for mattresses that offer back support features. Such mattresses will provide support for the natural curves and the alignment of your spine, thus helping you avoid muscle strain when you wake up in the morning. There will be an array of clinical research about such mattresses, where a certain type of firmness is required to get back relief. However, it is still your preference on the level of firmness that can ensure you get the right amount of back relief.