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How to Remove a Mole Naturally – The Painless Way



While it is widely a popular fact that mole removal surgery is a trouble-free way of getting rid of moles, the natural remedies are much more effortless. People tend to choose operations because they are afraid that when they choose the natural way, they will incur problems instead of remedying it.

There are painless ways to do this at home. Not to mention that by using these natural methods, the likelihood of it leaving a scar will be significantly reduced. Safety measures should be taken into account before doing anything, though. This is to ensure that it is alright to tamper with the mole and to prevent any problems from occurring.

How It Works

The idea is to kill the living cells inside the mole by using slightly corrosive chemicals, which will then cause the mole to peel off in due time. The frequency of applying treatments would depend on the destructive power of the chemicals used. For example, because of the acidic level of apple cider vinegar, it should only be left on the mole for about 10 minutes.



Garlic juice is beneficial for removing moles, but it also depends on the mole’s severity. The typical mole can be removed in just about three days. Garlic can be prepared in two ways, and it will be equally effective as long as its juice reaches the mole. It can be blended until it turns to a paste-like consistency, which can then be applied to the mole. A garlic clove can be peeled slightly on the side, and then held intact by using a bandage when placed on the mole. Do this every night until the mole is gone.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is not that strong as garlic, yet it is useful. To prepare this method of removal, baking soda is required to thicken the castor oil. Just like when you’re using garlic, use a bandage to keep it in place. Only do this nightly until the mole peels off naturally.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is simple enough to use as well. Prepare some hot and cold water, some cotton swabs, and the vinegar. After cleaning the mole with warm water, apply the vinegar using cotton swabs, and then after 10 – 15 minutes, rinse it thoroughly with cold water. Do this once a day daily.

Safety Measures

    • Get a doctor to examine the mole first before you do anything, because the mole may be dangerous to tamper with.
    • Always have some petroleum jelly or Vaseline ready to prevent the corrosive chemicals from damaging the unaffected skin. Apply it around the mole before any treatment.


  • Always use only one treatment at a time, because the acidic level of using multiple treatments may be too much for the skin to handle. Not to mention that it may cause other problems instead of providing a remedy.

Mole removal procedures these days come with many options, and home remedies are less expensive than the cost of surgery for mole removal.