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Provisions for Our Seniors



Provisions for Our Seniors

People are living longer in society today. Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, the senior population is increasing. This rapidly growing population requires care. The seniors of today are fiercely independent, feeling like they can care for themselves. Most seniors can care for themselves relatively well. Some seniors are not able to care for themselves and can’t afford proper care. The gap in consideration for the elderly needs to be researched, and a solution found. Quality senior nursing care is mandatory.

Some exciting new technological upgrades in senior nursing care will make independent living for them more comfortable as well as caring for them in a facility. First of all, the use of voice-activated cell phones. Many seniors have hearing problems, and with the voice-activated cell phone, calls to neighbors and friends are possible.

Another tremendous technological upgrade for senior nursing care is the personal alarm that can be worn on the wrist. This alarm dials the police or the hospital with the push of one button on the device. If the individual has fallen or can’t get to a phone, the button is pushed, and help arrives quickly. There have been significant advancements with the motorized wheelchairs. The models have been redesigned and upgraded to move faster. This allows seniors to go to the store as well as run other personal errands expeditiously and independently.

Computers have been upgraded for senior nursing care as well. Desktop computers and laptop computers now have touch screens. This is a beautiful help for seniors who have arthritis and can’t type on the keyboard. The machines also have voice activation as well. Computers can be programmed to provide reminders of medicine times, appointments, and other information. The desktop and laptop computers also can film the seniors as they are talking on the computer. This process is called “skyping.” This allows a picture to accompany the phone call. This is a great help to those seniors who live alone.

For those considering senior nursing care for their senior loved ones, find the new programs offered in the nursing care facilities for seniors. The nursing care facilities are now upgrading to a more homelike environment that provides medical attention that is necessary for the senior. These facilities offer more social activities for seniors, so that they are always busy. Shopping expeditions, bingo parties, card parties, and domino parties are just a few of the scheduled events to keep seniors active.

The new plan for personal assistants that visit the homes now includes overnight visits for the seniors who have no one to care for them and have not been sent to a nursing facility.