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Yoga Retreats: A Journey To A Better You



The practice of yoga is always associated with wellness and inner peace. Whether you teach yoga to make a living or just to relax from the daily hubbubs of the city, going to yoga retreats are a very enriching experience.

You can also get a chance to immerse yourself in an environment that was designed specifically for yoga and relaxation. This means that all your senses will be treated to a whole new kind of experience. Now, whether yoga havens are a new concept to you or you’re just eager to learn more about it, below is a quick guide on how you can go to a retreat yourself.

Where to go for a Yoga Retreat?

Fortunately, the increased popularity in yoga has led to an increase in the popularity of yoga retreat destinations as well. Nowadays, you can access yoga retreats from all corners of the world, depending on your budget and availability. Below are some of them:

  • The yoga retreats in Nicaragua will not only bring you closer to inner peace but also to nature. During your stay, you can forget about five-star accommodations and fast-food because you will be staying on a hilltop community that is powered by solar panels. All your food will also come from the garden where you can walk around. However, don’t think that this is a boring place to stay because, after the daily yoga sessions, you will be treated to surfing instructions. Now, you can be one with the waves as well!
  • If you’ve seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love, then you’d know how Bali is such a suitable place for yoga. The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali is the perfect place to confirm that. With eight classes a day each day of the week, it is the perfect place to practice ala Julia Roberts.

Retreats a perfect yoga hideaway

There are many local and regional yoga retreats as well without going so far as another country. Here you can find time to relax and contemplate nature. There are more opportunities to have time on your own in a peaceful location that is beautiful and away from modern life. It can be a wonderful experience as well as meeting with others discussing things of interest and sharing in the experience if this is what you are looking for.

Or you can take the opportunity to take as much time to be by yourself as well. Yoga retreats are ways to learn new techniques and to improve your yoga experience overall. Often there is a yoga ‘guru’ or those who are well known who run retreats so you can learn from yoga masters. Beginners can also attend those designed to them.

What to bring?

When going on a yoga retreat, it’s best to pack light and just bring what you need. Skip the mat because surely, the retreat center will have those already. Aside from leaving your extra baggage, also leave your worries and anxieties back home. Do not bring your workload to the yoga retreat because you cannot really go into relaxation knowing that you have work to finish. Most practitioners would also recommend going to retreat alone so it’s only you and your experience you’d have to think about.