Why Getting Fit Is Just Like Riding A Bicycle

So many people wish they were slimmer or fitter, yet the thought and hassle of gym memberships, equipment and training puts them off making an effort. We are constantly told that getting fit requires a diet scheme, or a personal trainer, or some other crazy expense. But what if I told you that getting fit is just like riding a bike, because you can get fit just from riding a bike? Here are the top 5 reasons why riding a bike like a cruiser bike is the perfect way not only to get fit but to do a variety of other things.

1.  It’s a great form of exercise

Biking is a great form of exercise because it uses many more parts of the body than you’d assume. Although biking is obviously best for your legs, you’re also going to get a decent workout for your abs and arms as well due to the tension that siting on a bike requires. Plus the cardio exercise involved makes it a great calorie burner.

Cruiser bikes for women are especially great because they target all the areas that women tend to hate most: thighs, sides and bottom.

2.  It doubles as a mode of transport

If you buy the correct bike, you can use it not just for exercise but as a quick and convenient mode of transport. By biking to work or school everyday you will ensure that you get a work out every single day, as opposed to a specific ‘workout’ routine that you don’t stick to. A bike is also cheap compared to a car, and requires very little upkeep. It’s cheap, it’s green and it’s exercise. What more could you want?

3.  It’s a great investment

Buying a multipurpose bike like a cruiser bike is a great investment because it’s a form of exercise that will last you years. If you pay for a gym membership and then don’t use it, it’s wasted. If you get a cruiser bike, the bike itself has value and you can hold onto it until you do use it or sell it on at a great price. Cruiser bikes are coming back into fashion after a long rein for mountain bikes, and then old-style charm often means they’ll fetch a pretty penny when sold. So if you’re considering splashing out on a new bike, don’t think of it as wasted money. Think of it as an investment.

4.  It can be as arduous or easy as you make it

The great thing about bike riding is that it’s a form of exercise that you control. If you want to climb up hills and sweat until you’re drenched then you can. Conversely if you’re just looking for something that will get your legs moving and some air in your lungs, then it does that too.

5. You’ll look pretty cool

You can’t deny that people who cycle often look pretty awesome. A cool beach cruiser bike with a basket for all your bits and bobs is a modern twist on the vintage image of a bike, so you’re gonna look pretty cool dashing around on your bike as your exercise.

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