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What is Chronic Depression and How to Stop It From Coming Back?



What is chronic depression and how to stop it from coming back?

Just about everyone has felt the blues at some point in their life. A time when they’re just feeling down, and they can’t quite define why. Chronic depression is like having that feeling every single day. Is chronic depression something that you’re going to have to live with for the rest of your life? Why is it that some people suffer from depression while other people always seem to be able to get over it? Have you ever had the thought, I just need to get over it and do something to stay more positive then everything would be alright?

This strategy is never as easy as it sounds though. Even when you know that you have to do this at some point, with chronic depression, that can almost become impossible. Often times you might even feel too terrible to get the strength to do anything in your life. When your mind is being crushed by negativity, inching out, even a single positive thought can become a challenge. Many people start by trying to do something big. Some people go out and find a great movie they love to watch. Others begin to exercise. Whether it makes them feel better in the moment, the negativity always seems to come back.

You might even start to think that you’re not fooling yourself at all. That’s the point when many people give up. You may feel like it doesn’t matter what you do anyway. It’s always going to come back. This often ends up leaving you worse off than you started. But you need to get back out there.

Is it possible to make these feelings of depression go away? Are we alone in trying to make ourselves feel better in life? Doing things as a group can be a great way to stay more favorable on a consistent basis.

Often times other people can make us laugh and feel better

Then again, people don’t always understand the feelings of depression that you suffer from on a consistent basis. While they may always seem to stay positive, that doesn’t still make you feel any better about yourself. Many people come up with some strategies for solving depression that is downright ridiculous. They say, move on or suck it up. This might be completely understandable for someone that’s never suffered from symptoms of chronic depression. When someone doesn’t understand how it feels, they can’t truly understand the solution. They can only use what’s worked for them.

You have to be careful with who you spend time with. While finding a friend with chronic depression may be a common choice for sufferers, it’s not always best to spend the majority of your time with people that encourage your symptoms. Confident people can help make you more favorable in the long run. You can watch the way that they live and understand the way that they look at the world better. Trust me, imitating the happier people around you may be difficult but it can help. On top of that, confident people don’t like to spend time with people that are consistently negative. That means they’ll encourage you to stay positive.


People that are diagnosed with imbalances of chemicals within the body may be given antidepressants. This can produce a feeling of euphoria within the body and make you feel better. You have to make sure that you take it appropriately though. You need to have the right dosage. They can be an effective way to feel better in the short term, but they do come with some challenges. The side effects can be absolutely crushing. Removal of the drug may lead to withdrawal symptoms and even worse depression than before. This has to be managed carefully.


Many people can solve their problem through the use of treatment. They have been taught to effectively communicate with people who have chronic depression. Once you find one you can trust, you may need to spend a lot of time speaking with them. It’s great to have someone to talk to that you can believe. Similar to medicines, you may begin to suffer after stopping therapy. It can cause your depression to come right back.

Stand up to your demons. The only way to beat depression is to fight it. Instead of trying to fight the feeling, suffer from the feeling and try to find out what is causing it. If there is no cause after thorough evaluation, then you may want to speak to a professional about a chemical imbalance.

In most cases there is something. It can be something you don’t like to think about. Find out what it is and do what you can to stop it. Often depression can come from inaction. You can get started with anything to relieve it. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life feeling this way, then you’re going to have to step up and prevent it from happening.

You do not have to suffer from this. You can’t beat it.

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