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Bad Places to Put Your Toothbrush



It is important to brush your teeth, but leaving your toothbrush in an unhealthy area could hurt your teeth.

Most people don’t really think about where they put their toothbrush, but this is a factor to consider for overall health.

1.  By Children

Little kids love to put things in their mouths. If your toothbrush is out in an area where they can reach it, this means bad news. They could choke on it or your toothbrush could get mangled with child drool. It is best to keep it high and out of reach of young kids.

2.  Near the Disposal

Your kitchen is a place to cook and clean, but leaving your toothbrush near the dirty dishes and garbage disposal could mean bad news. The bacteria can spread from the disposal on to your toothbrush. And then it gets into your mouth when you brush. If you brush your teeth in the kitchen store your brush in a drawer or cabinet away from airborne particles.

3.  Close to Wear Your Pet Sleeps

Putting your toothbrush near a pet is unhealthy for many reasons. Pets can carry bacteria and germs and this can get on your toothbrush. Some pets are going to want to use your toothbrush as a chew toy. Watch out for fido.

4.  Near the Toilet

Bacteria is all over the bathroom and on the toilet. Naturally, it is wise to put your toothbrush in a cupboard to avoid the germs from reaching your mouth.

5.  By a Trash Can

Storing your toothbrush by a trashcan can be unhealthy because the garbage can carry bacteria and airborne germs. If your toothbrush is near it will contaminate it.