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Tips On Keeping Kids Skinny & Active




Tips on Keeping Kids Skinny and Active

There’s nothing more important than ensuring that your kids are healthy and active, not only will this allow them to live and feel better from day to day – but increases their chances of living a more promising, healthier, and active future.  With technology having a heavier influence on their generation than ever before – it can be hard to get them out of their vampire states and into the sun – however, it may be easier than you think! Physical education and playing outside is an essential component of a great and fulfilling childhood – here are some tips on how to get your kids physically fit while they can also enjoy themselves doing it!

Remember, play is something that comes naturally to a child, it’s exactly what they want to do, the only challenge is getting them to channel that desire towards something that will help them maintain their fitness and stay physically active.

Tip 1 – Diet is everything!

Kids can be as physically active as they would like, but if they aren’t getting the right fuel and sources of energy, it can be doing more harm than good. Most children don’t understand the concept of a balanced diet, so it’s the parent or guardian’s responsibility to provide and teach them about what they need to get the powers of Superman!

Tip 2 – Encouraging Physical Activity

Team sports are a fantastic way to get your child staying physically active, build their character, and develop a new hobby to carry out throughout their childhood. If your child doesn’t naturally seem to pick up or have interest in a sport – play a variety of sports with them in the backyard such as football, baseball, or basketball, see which one they enjoy the most – and try signing them up for a team! They will most likely stick with this sport throughout their entire childhood and into their high school years. If your child doesn’t seem to enjoy team sports – going biking, swimming, or on walks with your child will not only allow them to engage in physical activity but allow you to bond with them in the process. Also, for family events, friendly gatherings, or any type of celebration, it’s important to have some sort of activity to encourage the kids to be active – a great thing to consider for children are things such as inflatable bounce houses, kids of all types can enjoy them!

 Tip 3 – Maintain a Schedule

It’s important that you mandate why kind of activity your child engages in – the best way to do this is to make a chart that will allow you and your child to set goals for certain days of the week and keeping track of how long they engage in certain activities. For example, allowing your child to engage in thirty minutes of video games, if he also engages in an hour or more of physical activity on the same day.

These three tips are a great way to get your child on the right track of maintaining a balanced diet and having a healthy childhood, engaging in these activities with your child are also a great way to get fit yourself!