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Life Can Move Pretty Fast: Why It’s Important To Say ‘Yes’ To The Things In Life That Make YOU Happy



It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of life as a Mum.  It seems that by the time you’re finally getting over the melee that ensues around Christmas time, it’s only a few short months before shops are stocking Christmas crackers and decorations and the whole process starts again.  It’s important to slow down sometimes, take a breath, and enjoy the things that bring you joy in life.  Whether it’s two weeks in the sun or two hours swimming in the local pool you deserve a break to enjoy some time with friends.

A Friend Is One Who Knows You And Loves You Just The Same

Friends are so important, and sometimes it can be easy to lose touch.  Make the effort to stay in touch and organize fun things to do with your friends.  A lot of people maintain the same friendship groups they had in childhood, and for good reason.  No matter what changes you go through in life, true friends will always be there for you.  To support you when things are hard, and to share your joy and laughter when things are good.

Life Is For Living

Enjoy a break from responsibility for a while! Organize a holiday with your close friends.  Whether it’s somewhere you’ve been a dozen times, or somewhere you never dreamed you would visit; having friends there to enjoy it with will only make the holiday that more special.  Not every holiday has to be for someone else’s benefit, don’t feel guilty for taking the time to enjoy life yourself!

Some Things Never Change

The best of friends can go for long stretches of time without having the chance to meet up and make it seem like nothing has changed.  The level of comfort and shared experience you share is invaluable support.  Laugh, gossip, and have a good catch up!

Only Comes Once A Year!

Spoil your friends on their birthday, and more importantly, let them spoil you on yours! Hallmark’s range of birthday gifts for her provides the chance to get unique, personalized gifts for your closest friends.  Champagne or jewelry with a personalized message can help make that birthday just that little bit extra special.

Don’t Feel Guilty For Make It About You!

I once heard a comedian telling a joke about the stresses of taking kids on holiday.  Trying to manage their levels of excitement, whilst getting them ready, feeding them breakfast, packing, taking the bags to the car, and finally, once the car is all loaded up, strapping them up in the back seat.  He said that as he finished doing the last child’s seat belt up, and closed the door, the walk around the car to get in the driver’s seat was the only part of his vacation that he enjoyed, as it was the only time that he was alone and could do what he wanted.  Don’t let that be you!