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Most Common Acne Myths Busted for Life!



Acne is every teenager’s and adults problem. The painful bumps and spots occur mostly on the face and also appear on the back, shoulders, and buttocks. This is generally caused by raised testosterone levels which causes sebaceous glands of our skin to excrete excess oily substance, sebum. The raised levels of sebum tend to block hair follicles and also result in an increase in bacteria in the skin. This causes pain and inflammation beneath blockages leading to acne.

Listed below are certain myths related to acne that will help you with your quest of how to get rid of pimples.

Poor hygiene

Poor hygiene causes acne; this myth leads to people washing their faces at regular intervals. Washing the face regularly worsens the problem as it increases the secretion of sebum. To maintain optimum hygiene levels and to ensure healthy skin, washing must be restricted to twice daily only.

Squeeze pimples for faster healing

This misconception amongst many leads to permanent scarring of the skin. People are of the opinion that squeezing the liquid out kills the bacteria. Squeezing pimples is an absolute no-no. It leads to the spreading of bacteria to the unaffected area and must be avoided.

Spot treatments

Applying drugs only to the pimple area is not going to cure acne completely. Acne starts within the skin 14-21 days prior to when it appears on the surface of the skin. Applying medication only to one pimple will stop the growth of that pimple only. The solution is to treat the entire affected area instead.

Only teenagers are affected

It occurs in teen years as the hormones are highly active. Age is however not a factor when it comes to acne as people between the age groups of 30-40 years or postmenopausal also face acne-related problems. There is no genetic link established but children of people who have suffered from acne generally do suffer from acne-related issues.

Sunlight helps cure acne

The sun dries out excess oil and usually causes irritation, sunburn and darkness of the skin. Persistent exposure to sunlight may cause irreparable damage and also skin cancer.

Wrong food causes acne

It is generally observed that people who consume fibrous carbs and lean proteins do not suffer from acne. However, it is yet to be proved whether eating fatty food causes acne.


Stress causes the secretion of certain hormones which can cause acne. This myth is partially true as the immune system is vulnerable which results in an increase in bacterial growth leading to acne.

Sweating helps to clean pores

Another common myth people tend to believe is that sweating cleans pores resulting in reduced acne. The fact is sweating worsens the problem as vigorous activity or exercising stimulates the body’s oil-producing glands and multiplies bacteria activity. It is therefore important to wash after a work-out session. Gym clothes must be washed every day to control the growth of bacteria and avoid the spreading of infection.

Acne is curable

Preventing is the only effective method to cure this skin problem as no known treatment is available yet. How to cure pimples is not the question, the question is what are the measures that must be taken to keep them away. Acne if severe then prescription medicines and proper dermatological treatment are advisable. Some products like Proactiv may also serve great help.

One must be updated with various myths as they are often challenged by advance medical research and changing technology. Visiting a dermatologist and asking a number of questions will help you clear your mind about certain myths. If you are wondering how to get rid of acne then incorporating effective treatment and leading a healthy lifestyle is the right way to live acne-free life.