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How to Prevent Oily Skin



Oily skin can make you look and feel sweaty and dirty, even if you just took a shower. Unfortunately, most people who have oily skin don’t know any way to get rid of it other than blot their skin as much as they can. There are things that you can do, though, that will prevent and treat oily skin. Once you do these things you will see a huge change in your skin that makes you confident and comfortable with yourself!

1. Use the Right Face Wash

Use a natural face wash that is specifically made for oily skin and use it as directed. Generally, twice per day is the number of times you will need to wash your face to ensure the oil stays at bay. This is especially important before you go to bed at night, as this is when your skin needs to regenerate itself. If you don’t wash your skin as often as you’re supposed to you will find that the oil gets worse, especially if you’re not using the right face wash.

2. Use the Right Makeup

The cosmetics you put on your skin are just as important as the face washes you use. You should be using a foundation that doesn’t have oil inside of it, as this will prevent excess oils from appearing. There are a lot of different oil-free foundations out there to choose from and a lot of mineral options as well. Make sure you read through the ingredients just to make sure you’re using the right makeup because some products don’t say they are oil-free on the label.

3. Moisturize Daily

Too many people think that they should stay away from moisturizers just because their skin is oily. This is not the case, but you should make sure you use a lotion that doesn’t have added oils in it. A natural moisturizer meant for oily skin will be the best, especially if you use it a couple of times per day.

4. Eat Healthily

Try eating fewer fatty foods throughout the day. When these touch your skin they will put oils on it and those oils will seep through your skin pores as well. This can cause acne, irritation, and a lot more oil than you are used to. Try eating raw vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and a lot more fish in your diet. These can actually help control oil and reduce it quite a bit.

5. Use Masks

Facial masks made for oily skin are easy to find and they are easy to make. When you use these once or twice per week you will find that your skin has less oil, but also that it’s softer. Masks are very affordable and only take around 20 minutes from start to finish, so they are worth the time and effort.


– Try wearing makeup only as often as you need to. Makeup tends to clog the pores when it’s worn for a long time.
– Splash your face with cold water after you wash it with warm water. This will close your pores up so you are less likely to develop pimples.