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How To Speed Up Your Morning Routine



There are never enough hours in the day, especially in the morning, when all most of us want to do is stayed curled up in bed. It’s simply just unfortunate that time seems to have other ideas, accelerating from one-quarter of the clock to the next meaning, before you know it, you’re running late. So here we devised some nifty ways to beat time at his own game without compromising on looking and feeling good – we promise not to send you out the house looking as though you did just roll out of bed (even if you have)!

Getting Everything Ready the Night Before

You’ve probably heard of this one, in fact, your parents probably tried to drum this into you from an early age, but if you can take this to the nth degree, you can ensure that you don’t forget anything in the morning and can sail through your routine on autopilot if necessary. We’re not just talking getting your clothes out, you need to get your clothes, accessories, handbag, make-up, hair stuff, and essentials ready and laid out neatly in the order that you’ll use them.

A conveyor belt, if you will, for getting ready in the morning. If you get into the habit of doing this each night it will become second nature and you’ll become accustomed to the military-style precision – especially after a heavy night!

Speed Up Your Shower

Get in and out in record time without scrimping on your beauty regime. Honing the amount of time spent on different parts of the regime will cut down the amount of time in there, and even save you a bit of money on your hot water bills! Make sure you utilize every second – for example, while your conditioner is working you can shave your legs or brush your teeth.

Perfect Hair

Dry shampoo is the savior of many a rushed morning. This clever little powdery hair spray is like a wash in a bottle. Simply spray on, muss up, and go for it. Alternatively, you can get your hair ready the night before. If you can sleep in them, use curlers or put your hair in a bun with a squirt of hairspray to hold in place. Gently finger brush the curls out in the morning and spritz with some spray if you like.

Five Minute Face

This is achievable. Keep the key make up items that you use in a separate bag to everything else. Having everything on hand will quicken the routine. Then make sure that you repeat the mantra, “less is more”! Use a color correcting foundation (CC Creams) to cut down on time used with concealers. Rather than spending ages perfecting that tri-color eye make-up, you can do a quick sweep across the lid, with a neutral shade, then a quick shadow on the eye socket, a slick of eyeliner, kohl, blusher, and lipstick, and away you go. You can always top up your make-up later in the day or adjust if you’re going out after work for drinks.

Forgotten to Do Your Nails?

We’ve all made this mistake at least once in our lives; some of us even do this once a week. You’re running around like a headless chicken to get ready for that all-important meeting or a hot date and you leave the house with nails that would make a mole blush. Simple solution – don’t, whatever you do, slick on nail varnish and then try and do your morning beauty routine. This will never work however careful you are. Pack the nail varnish (preferably one with a large applicator brush that is quick-drying) in your handbag and apply on the train or before you drive – when you are far less likely to use your hands for anything.