Tips to Getting Ready in the Morning

Getting ready in the morning to go to work or school is for most people the most unpleasant part of their day. You do not feel like getting out of bed, you have no idea what you are going to wear for the day no planned breakfast and for students you have an unfinished assignment that is due.

All these things can make your mornings the most detestable part of your day instead of being a herald for new opportunities. It is unfortunate that many people live like this despite the fact that they can do better. There are a number of things that you can do to make getting ready in the morning a quicker and more pleasant affair. Below are some tips to getting ready in the morning that you will find useful.

Prepare yourself the previous night. Prepare the clothes you plan to wear the following day together with the accompanying shoes and accessories. This way you have enough time to ensure that the clothes are in good condition and they match. If you are a student finish your homework even when it is not due the following day. This prevents assignments from piling up and becoming overwhelming.

Prepare what you will have for breakfast the next day and if you carry packed lunch prepare it too and keep in the fridge so that you will just pick it on your way out. Eating breakfast is very important and it should be an enjoyable part of your morning. However when you fail to plan in advance you will find yourself with nothing healthy to eat which will force you to eat something unhealthy or skip breakfast entirely.

If you have to prepare children as well then it is best that you get them to set the table before they go to bed. That way, you do not have to look for utensils in the morning. Anything else that can be placed on the table such as peanut butter and cereal should be placed on the table so that if the children are old enough you can get them to serve themselves breakfast so that you focus on other things.

Set aside a sufficient amount of time to prepare in the morning. This means that you have to wake up when the alarm goes off and resist the urge to hit the snooze button. You do not get much sleep anyway and you end up getting late and forgetting to carry important things. Waking up early can be made easier by following the same routine every day. That way your body gets used to the routine and you awake the same time whether the alarm is on or not.

You can shower in the evening and skip the morning but morning showers are always more effective in keeping you smelling fresh the whole day. Try to reduce the amount of time spent in the shower. This can be achieved by setting the alarm to alert you after you have exceeded the amount of time set aside for showering.

Place the items that are required for the following day like your handbag, keys, laptop, assignments that you had carried home and anything else you might need for your day. By placing them near the door and in one place you can grab all the things and save yourself the agony of forgetting something.

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