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Learn More About Pilates Workout



In today’s times, more and more people are trying to lose weight and stay fit. From counting the calories to watching over the food you eat, staying lean and energetic has become extremely important. One of the most popular options here is Pilates, which is a brilliant form of workout to stay fit and healthy.

Pilates is an advanced form of exercise, which requires you to have comprehensive information about your body’s strength. Unlike bodybuilding, the exercises do not focus on specific areas. Instead, it helps increase the overall flexibility and strength of the body. Pilates evolved in the early 20th century and Joseph Pilates optimized it and thus, the name. To perform Pilates, you must know the core strength of your body. Further, using appropriate movements guided by your mind, you can achieve what is commonly known as “functional fitness”. This means that you are using your underlying flexibility and strength to the best levels.

Do you want to develop Long and Powerful Muscles?

Pilates has the ability to strengthen your entire body and gives a beautiful look to your body by developing long and lean muscles. On the contrary, bodybuilding builds short and powerful muscles on certain targeted areas with the strength centering those areas only. By following a careful routine, you not only will get the shape that you desire but also increase your height noticeably. Flexibility is another objective that you can achieve with Pilates. This makes it particularly useful for athletes and sportsmen, who need much more than just strength when in the field.

The Powerhouse

According to the Pilates theory, the pelvis is a powerhouse, which powers all your physical efforts. Spinal alignment is another important aspect that you must master before you dive into the Pilates routines. You need to have complete control over these areas. Moreover, a group of muscles in your torso participates in the routines and gives the desired effects. Pilates is all about control and slow movement guided by an aware and cautious mind thus, it is often referred to as “A thinking way of moving”.

Pilates is Compatible with Other Exercises

Many times, you would hear that he/she is performing Pilates along with other exercise forms. This is true and completely plausible and there are no side effects either. The reason is that these routines are compatible with all other forms of exercises, so you can perform them in parallel with Pilates. It is important to understand that Pilates is nor a means to target a specific body part neither to gain a particular skill, it is in fact a powerful way to know your strengths and put them into the best use.

Thus, Pilates can be used to complement other exercise forms too. Many athletes gain dexterity and flexibility to use these techniques. Others use to stretch their muscles for longer leaps. Pilates is also good for relieving your muscles. People complaining about backache due to prolonged usage of a computer or due to some inappropriate working postures can relieve their muscles using specific techniques of Pilates. In fact, many celebrities consider Pilates as a means to soothe their strenuous daylong routines.