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EMF Protection And Knowledge



You wear sunglasses—but do you wear protection when you sit in front of your laptop? The concept of EMF protection is a burgeoning industry, capitalizing on our growing knowledge of what EMFs are and do. Despite the public’s growing awareness of EMFs, there is also a growing alarm. Are EMFs dangerous? Should one hold their cell phone away from their head when dialing? These concerns are born out of general concern, yet cause panic when unchecked. The best way to protect oneself against EMFs is education.

Many things sound scarier when in an abbreviated form—“EMF” is no stranger to this concept. That’s why the first line of defense against mass hysteria is education: so what are EMFs exactly? EMFs are electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields exist, like a force field, around electrically charged objects. EMFs are a combination of electric and magnetic energy, with enough force to change the behavior of objects in their paths. This is why EMF protection is needed.

The Two Types of EMF

EMF protection exists because there are actually two types of EMFs; one of which we have known to be dangerous for a very long time. The two types of EMFs are ELFs (extremely low frequency) and EMRs (electromagnetic radiation). EMRs are further split into another two categories: non-ionizing and ionizing. This is where the EMFs proved to be dangerous exist. Ionizing EMFs include x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet light.

It’s understood and has been understood for decades, that this type of EMF is dangerous and has the power to change our physiology, in the form of carcinogenic, reproductive, and neurological side-effects. It’s for this reason that we wear lead vests at the dentists when an x-ray is taken and wear UV protective sunglasses. Lately, however, the nature of all other EMFs has been called into question.

The Potential Dangers of EMF

Despite the lack of any conclusive research on health issues caused by EMFs, there is the growing perception and school of thought which believes that any and all kinds of EMFs, with a long exposure, can cause negative health effects. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that the effects of EMFs are not definitive. However, the potential for harm has not been disproved.

This is why EMF protection is a good preventative measure against any potential health issues. The problem that this presents us with is this: our society is so dependent on electronic devices. Microwaves, cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc; all of these devices create EMFs. What about radio transmitter towers? All of these things create EMFs. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence of the dangers of exposure to these objects, there is a common-sense approach to the situation: limit one’s exposure to them.

All Things in Moderation

Like the adage “all things in moderation,” the same goes for exposure to EMFs. There are three factors that are important to EMF protection: distance, time, and shielding. First, don’t let your electronic device rest on any part of your body.

Using a device from a foot away is better than inches. For example, rest your laptop on a table at arm’s length away. Second, decrease your use of electronic devices. If you can limit the time spent at your computer, using your phone, or iPad, the less exposure to any EMFs you will have. Consider going for a walk around the office at your break times, or getting up to go talk to someone instead of checking email. The third tip is to use an EMF shielding device. What exactly is a shielding device?

A shielding device is not a regular laptop cooling tray or desk—a shielding device is designed to block, absorb, or deflect, EMFs from the electronic device. Shields prevent EMFs from entering your body.

And while the industry of EMF protection may be a relatively new market, there are plenty of retailers who offer these types of products. These include computer monitors, TV, or laptop screen shields. There is also protective gear suited to smaller devices, such as mobile phones. Other EMF protection is built into clothes, like aprons and face shields. As you can see, there is plenty of protection out there—one just has to look for it.

EMF protection is a fast-growing topic. The best way to deal with it is not by throwing away your cell phone—knowledge is the best defense.