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Do $700 Sunglasses Protect Eyes Better Compared To $7 Glares?



When you are out in the sun enjoying the warm sunshine spread cheer on your bare face, what you do not realize is that harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun are continuously working overtime on your eyes, which could lead to serious problems later on in life, including some as serious as eye cancer. Your sensitive eyes need to be protected from these harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses provide protection

Wearing sunglasses is the best way to avoid direct contact between your eyes and these harmful ultraviolet rays. So what is the thing in these sunglasses that actually protects your eyes? Is it the glass color, or the size? Neither, it is the UV protection special coating on the lenses, which complies with established industry regulations. This coating is also called UV 400.

Does an expensive eyeglass guarantee better protection?

It is a fancy myth that expensive designer sunglasses provide much more protection against harmful ultraviolet rays than the cheap ones. In fact, the truth is totally different. A $7 sunglass offers you the same UV protection as an expensive $700 designer brand.

These high priced sunglasses do, however, give you a sharper vision due to the better lenses, and are more durable than the cheap ones because of sturdy frame construction. Of course, the designer name adds its own bit and is the biggest component of the final cost price.  If you verify the UV protection of cheap and expensive sunglasses from an optometrist, chances are there will not be any different.

Fancy names do not guarantee better protection than cheap brands

High priced polarized or fancy anti-glare lenses do not provide any more protection from ultraviolet rays, than non-polarized or standard lenses. They give sharper vision while driving or indulging in sporting activity. The lens tint is strictly a matter of personal choice. Sunglasses at both high end and low-end price points sport the same sticker: “100% UV Protection”, that is it. Apart from the percentage, any additional degree or intensity of UV protection is expensive designer sunglasses is non-existent.

Look for the “UV 400 Protection” sticker

The cost of coating a sunglass lens with UV protective coating is very little, so you can be assured that the cheap sunglass you are buying will keep your eyes safe from harmful ultraviolet rays. So you will see the label of “UV 400 Protection” on expensive as well as cheap sunglasses, which testifies the fact that the level of UV protection in both is the same.

However, if the cheap sunglass does not have this sticker, it is best not to buy it, and instead look for another brand in the same price range which sports this sticker. Cheap sunglasses, which come with limited UV protection, will damage your eyes, as they will cause your eye lenses to open up more and, as a result, absorb harmful ultraviolet rays. When it comes to your eyes, you must never compromise.