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Weight Loss

A Great Tool for Weight Loss



Weight loss is a touchy subject for different reasons. People suffering from diabetes and heart problems know they need to lose weight in order to avoid stroke and heart attack. Those with no diseases and are overweight tend to be dissatisfied with their weight and wish to lose it. Other folks don’t have a weight problem but would like to live a healthy lifestyle. Those that hear the catchwords “healthy”, “healthy lifestyle” and even “mind-body-spirit” connection and worry they are not complying with some nebulous standard to which everyone else complies.

The truth is that weight control is personal, specific to each individual. Everyone knows the consequences of consuming fast foods. Everyone is becoming aware of the consequences of consuming genetically modified foods. People are aware that the preservatives, colorings, and other ingredients detrimental to health are in everything they buy in the grocery store. People can’t always raise their own foods and slaughter their own cattle. But they are health conscious. What is the answer?

Since the body needs different things with which to maintain a healthy weight, it would behoove those needing to lose weight to check out all the possibilities. People know they need to eat right. To that end, fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats like chicken and fish would be a good place to start. Instead of cooking oils, folks should be using olive oil, which is heart-healthy oil. Instead of snacking on candies and cookies, people should try nuts, trail mixes, power bars, and whole-grain snack bars. Drinking vitamin waters instead of iced tea laden with sugar or soft drinks are better for the body. Desserts can be concocted from fresh fruits and homemade pies or oatmeal cookies.

Those wishing to lose weight know they need exercise. Although not everyone can afford a gym membership, they offer a great way for people to tone their bodies and lose pounds. These gyms in Brisbane, for example, offer machines and weights for resistance that will help you with these goals, and there are many fitness centers that offer sports like squash and tennis. They offer yoga classes, aerobics, and cardio classes in addition to swimming. Some gyms employ counselors who work with the individual, learning how they got to this point, what they are capable of sustaining to reach a weight loss goal, and available programs at the gym to help.

The key to weight loss and keeping it off is confidence. The stresses of everyday life and work tend to depress people. They watch people running beside the road as they drive home from work and they don’t realize running is an excellent way to kill stress. They see cars parked outside gyms and wish they had the will to join. They grab a box of prepared something to shove in the oven for dinner and wonder if they could prepare something healthy if they weren’t so tired. All this combines to kill people’s confidence in themselves. They need motivation.

Enter Gastric Band Hypnosis. Everyone needs a little help occasionally. Hypnosis enjoys quite some notoriety due to public misunderstanding. People are afraid they will be brainwashed or convinced to do something they don’t understand. An explanation of what hypnosis can do for people is in order. A doctor will interview the subject and determine what the problem is, why the problem arose, and the subject’s needs and wishes for its removal. The doctor will counsel the subject, or patient, regarding extracurricular activities that will help reach the goal in addition to hypnotherapy.

When the doctor and patient both understand the process and the other things that need to be done to facilitate weight loss, the doctor will hypnotize the subject. This involves the doctor convincing the subject that a gastric band has been inserted on the stomach. The patient now has a smaller stomach. S/he won’t need to eat as much. The subject will be satisfied with small portions and will be full when it has been consumed. The subject will enjoy working out and will be confident in him/herself that the goal is being reached.

Returning for subsequent sessions with the doctor may be in order, or the doctor could prepare another method of hypnosis, such as motivational tapes. The subject will need to be revitalized every now and then, lest the good effects of the hypnosis are lost. This will keep the patient confident in him/herself and the weight loss will not falter or stop dead. Confidence is the main thing in weight control because, without it, outside influences will adversely affect the patient’s will to lose.

Weight loss is a touchy subject, but it doesn’t have to be. Help is available to those who aren’t afraid to think for themselves instead of following popular catchwords. Together, hypnosis and losing weight the right way works.