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10 Foods To Avoid



If you don’t take of your body and health, who will?

We need food to stay healthy – and alive. But with today’s highly processed, chemical-packed choices, you need to choose wisely.

You need to avoid common, everyday foods that cause cancer, heart attacks, and other illnesses – even death.  The bottom line, you’re looking to avoid artificial ingredients, nasty chemicals, bad fats, cheap carbohydrates, and excessive calories or fat.

Here’s a simple list of foods to avoid.

Fast Food

Generally speaking, steer clear of traditional fast food, especially the nasty cheeseburger. They’re packed with bad fats and tongue-shriveling amounts of salt, and way more calories than you can ever burn off. Eat these regularly, and you’re guaranteed to overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy.


First, they offer zero nutrition. So there’s no reason to drink them. Thirsty? Drink water – it’s free, and what your body wants. Regular sodas are crammed belt-busting calories – and are the leading cause of obesity. And most sodas – including diet sodas – feature a villainous collection of nasty, health-destroying chemicals.

Solid Fats

You need some fat – but the key is to choose only healthy fats. But you need to avoid the bad: trans fats don’t exist in nature, you don’t need them – ever. And while you need some saturated fats, get them from healthy sources and consume in moderation.

Deep-Fried Oils

Many processed and fast foods use the cheapest – and unhealthiest – oils possible. These have many adverse effects, ranging from obesity to heart disease. To make it worse, these oils are used – over and over again – as long as possible. So your food is being cooked in oil that’s been cooking for hours or even days.

Donuts and Cakes

A who’s who list of unhealthy ingredients. First, they’re made primarily of refined white flour, which robs your energy. Then they’re packed with white refined sugar, generally made from genetically modified beets (no sugar cane!) Then, there’s artery-busting dairy such as butter or cream cheese. Finally, you’re likely to all kinds of chemical flavorings and colors.

Processed Meats

First, they’re made using the nastiest parts of the meat, the leftover stuff no one else wants. You don’t want to know. But far worse, they’re usually packed with nitrates, bad cancer-causing chemicals.

Ice Creams

It’s delicious, to be sure. But sadly, it’s also very high in things you don’t want, primarily heart-hurting saturated fats, and simple sugars. And like donuts and cakes, unless it’s natural, you’re getting chemical-based colors, flavors, and more.

Simple Refined Carbs

White bread, pasta, cereals, and more. They pick up, then drop you down – hard and fast. To have good health, both physical and mental, you want healthy sustained energy, which comes from complex carbohydrates. These give the energy you need.

French Fries

It’s not the potatoes. Rather, it’s the nasty oils they’re fried in, which are used over and over and over (see #4). Choose healthy potatoes instead, such as baked.

Potato Chips

Again, it’s not the potatoes. Rather, it’s the nasty ingredients big companies put in with them, from brain-damaging MSG to bio-engineered fats that the human body can’t even digest. Potato chips should have 3 ingredients – potatoes, oil, and salt. Anything else, move on.

There you have – cut out these 10 foods, and eat your way to feeling and looking your best. Happily, you have hundreds or thousands of other, healthier choices.