5 Things to Nourish Your Soul

“When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person

When there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in the home

When there is harmony in the home, there is honor in the nation

When there is honor in the nation, there is peace in the world”

—Old Chinese Proverb

This wonderful quote reminds us of the importance of nurturing our soul and when we do the incredible positive effects it can have in our lives and the world around us.

So often in this day and age though we can feel that we never have enough time, let alone time to nourish our souls. The demands and pressures of our busy lives can leave little time for any nurturing of ourselves at the end of the day.

Society also tends to place a lot more importance in what is on the outside, rather than what is on the inside. We can literally put hours into looking after our appearance but how many hours do we spend tending to that important part of us that feels, hurts, loves, inspires, gives and can make us feel really beautiful- the very essence of us which is our soul?

The result of all this is a world where our all important soul is heavily neglected. It has been relegated down our list of daily jobs to things we pledge to get to eventually, somewhere in between ‘finally transform kids bedroom who has gone to college’ and ‘buy holiday home’ comes ‘nourish my soul’.

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Making time for ourselves isn’t easy and sometimes we even feel like we don’t deserve it. But learning to look after our soul and knowing when to put ourselves first is becoming increasingly important for living a more balanced, happy and healthier life and can ultimately help us be the person we want to be to those around us.

I recently read an article which discusses our original innocence and soul which Reminded me about the importance of our soul to who we are as human beings and knowing it needs attention from time to time because it brings so many benefits to our overall wellbeing. Nourishing this part of ourselves helps to bring more beauty and harmony to our own lives and can help others to do the same.

Here are 5 easy things to nourish your soul everyday. Let there be light in our souls once again!

1. Finding nature

Our soul is attracted to nature. When we are time poor it can be difficult to get out and amongst it, but we can still find little ways during the day to connect ourselves to nature. Just by sitting in the sun for 5 minutes, even if you are in the middle of the city, can relax and connect you and your soul to it’s natural roots. Noticing the sun setting, the change of season or taking a walk outside once a week rather than working out in a gym can be all you need to nourish your soul a little more. Your soul will feel enlivened and nourished and you will go about your day more revitalized for it.

2. Having a pet—a soul-friend

Pets can be a wonderful friend to our souls. You only have to look at children and their fascination with animals to know this is true. Animals can be wonderful companions for our soul and are loving, loyal, attentive and unconditional which are all the things our soul instinctively expects. Having them around and in our lives helps to nourish our soul. People who have been on safari in Africa with the abundance of wildlife there talk of how their souls were nourished by the experience of seeing animals in the wild. Similarly people who spend time with horses talk about it being very soulful. The companionship of having a pet can be very soul rejuvenating. Even by going to the local park and watching a mother duck with her ducklings glide across the water you will be surprised by how your soul will feel enlivened.

3. Turn off the TV and read a classic novel

Our minds are subjected to so much noise each day through electronic mediums like the radio and TV and the internet, all of which can be alienating for our soul. Our soul thrives with things that have substance and meaning and in this way reading a good classic can feed our soul. Classics are enduring and thoughtful. They reveal truths and have touched us in a profound way. Turning the television or computer off and sinking yourself into a classic book that you have loved or wanted to read will speak to your soul and nourish it, while giving your mind a welcome break from the over–stimulating, continuous onslaught of information we are subjected to daily.

4. Find beauty in your life

Our soul loves beauty. Whether it is some fresh flowers on your desk at work, or taking your annual vacation somewhere with breath-taking natural beauty will nourish and revive your soul. Finding little ways to bring beauty into your home and workplace will also help to inspire you, keep you smiling on the inside and bring light to your soul. Soft, calming colors, a warm fireplace, a small garden, a beautiful piece of artwork or the smell of scones baking are little things that can work wonders for making the environment you live in beautiful, calming and soul-restoring. Surrounding yourself with people that have qualities you admire and value also helps you to find and affirm beauty in your life.

5. Listen to the small voice inside yourself

How many times have you thought I just don’t feel like going out tonight? Then don’t! Saying yes to yourself and not to other people’s expectations and wants can greatly help you nourish your soul. Nourishing your soul depends on being able to know what is best for you. Sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself and have a hot bath instead of meeting the girls for a night out or going to a work function. We only have so much time in our day and giving yourself the opportunity to connect with your soul every now and then will help you feel alive again and not exhausted. Your soul will thank you for it and you will be happier for it. When we learn to listen more to ourselves and to our needs and give ourselves permission to do that we can start to care for ourselves in a real way. Showing ourselves kindness nourishes the soul.

So nourishing your soul doesn’t have to take up lots of time as these tips show. Just a little tweaking as we go about our daily lives can bring harmony, beauty and joy to our souls. Looking after what’s on the inside, the neglected part of us, will help us to all feel more rejuvenated, self-aware and at peace with the world and our place in it.

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